Billy Idol – Dancing With Myself

I first heard this song on Flushed Away, when we meet the main character and learn to feel pity for his sad, pathetic life. Great song for it, really…

It’s a lively song. I can’t deny that. No-one can. It’s a very lively song. So lively, in fact, that I may just start dancing… By myself… Great…

It’s the song of a man who would ask the world to dance, but would end up dancing with himself. That’s a lonely man, who either can’t communicate with others, or has terrible body odour problems. I can’t decide which.

The music, whilst lively, has this one annoying bit for me. Sure, it’s got a consistent beat that I can clap to, but it has this one annoying bit for me… It drops to just the claps and calms down COMPLETELY right in the middle. It gets all worked up to… An almost complete stop. Songs shouldn’t do that. Ever.

Also, now that I think of it, he mentions sweat a LOT near the end, so it’s his body odour which has his so alone. It has to be. There’s no other reason for it. Sure, he may be an irritable cunt, but that wouldn’t cause such problems. I get people dancing with me, sometimes, and I’m a miserable fucker all the time. True Story.

So, what do I think? Maybe, at a push, I can think of this as a great song, but listen to it, get into it and then have gotten worked up for nothing? No thanks!


That Guy


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