That Other Guys’ other update

Hey everyone. Just an update from to say what i’m gonna be up to over the next few weeks/months. Well, to start with, i gave up on reading Prince of Thorns, as although it was enthralling me, i got Mark of Athena, the next book in the lost hero series of the Percy Jackson books, and i just can’t justify not reading it for the sake of Prince of Thorns; sorry Mark Lawrence, i just can’t.

Next up, movies. I went out to the cinema two weeks ago on Saturday to watch The Perks of being a Wallflower, just four days after it’s UK release, with the intention of writing a review on it, as Emma Watson’s first credited acting part since HP (to my knowledge), but that all changed when i watched the movie and quite honestly,  the story cut a little to close to me and my own experiences of school that i couldn’t bring myself to write it. I might do in the near future if i feel comfortable doing so, but don’t hold your breath for that one. On a better note, i believe my family and i are going to see JB Skyfall next weekend, so, assuming the family outing goes to plan, i that review should be out the following week.

Now, games. I havn’t tried any new games for a long time. A very long time! I might go into the past a little with some old games i have to fill in some time. I was going to get the new and incredibly awesome game Dishonored, but as my mum doesn’t know what to get me for Christmas despite that game…. yeh, i’m gonna have to be the good son and wait a few months…. dam it.

Finally, if were all still here by Christmas, i’m sure That Guy’s got something in the works planned for the festive season.

That’s about it, so a quick shout out to all the readers out there. Thank you for reading and please continue to do so. Without you, this website would never be as brilliant as it is and it’s your support that keeps us writing.

Until next time….

That Other Guy


4 thoughts on “That Other Guys’ other update

  1. Is Mark of Athena out now??!!!???!!!???!!!


  2. Yeah, Emma Watson was in ‘My Week With Marilyn’, last year. You can’t review Dishonored, for the sole reason that I am currently at, what I would expect to be, half-way through the game, and I’m already working out what I can say about it. You can’t steal my review plans now!

    We, or at least, I, will still be here at Christmas. I make no guarantees for everyone else, as I can’t predict how their lives will turn out. However, on the assumption that we are all here, I will, as always, have a festive event/theme. However, I’m more hooked up to the Halloween event that’s coming up, completely planned, and being prepped for announcing. Keep posted, everyone. Keep posted.


    • I was referring to the pending Apocalypse, which should arrive in two months, or a little later if (insert deity) uses second class with the royal mail. Still being positive though.

      I’m glad your reviewing Dishonored, because it would be so unprofessional if we missed that, and i’m so glad to read that we do have Christmas plans!
      As for Halloween, you have obviously emailed this plan to me as we are so organised that we don’t do things at the last minuet….(cough)….

      But yeh, reader’s, stay posted 🙂


      • Ah, that’s a load of old posh. We’ll all be here, or I’ll eat my hat!

        It would, and the Christmas plans are still in the pipeline. Not as developed as I had suggested, but they’ll be done by Halloween, no doubt.

        I decided NOT to let you know, until I announced it to the readers, probably on Monday. I like to keep a lid on the BIG surprises… 😉

        Again, everyone, stay posted. Big news, coming you way.


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