Happy Birthday SaintTeddington!

What do you know? Two birthdays in a row. What are the chances of that, eh?

SaintTeddington, formerly MadManTed, or as I call him, Ted, is celebrating his 19th birthday today, and I hope that you all, along with the rest of us at TGTRS, wish him the best on this most joyous of occasions.

Ted, from everyone in the whole world, because I have the authority to speak on their behalf, have a great birthday. We all wish you the best, even if most of us won’t admit it, and we all want you to know that, right now, we’re all thinking about  you. It’s true. I’ve been thinking about you all night… Well, not all night… Since I realised it was your birthday… About 3 minutes ago…

Happy Birthday Ted!

That Guy


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