Halloween Series: Dracula’s Chainsaw Massacre Nightmare On Camp Crystal Lake Part IV: Season Of The Witch’s Book Of Shadows: Dream Warriors

So I was wondering just what I could do for Halloween this year and it got me thinking about Horror Icons. We all have our favourites, whether it’s the chainsaw wielding, inbred slaughterhouse cannibal or the sophisticated Count from a far off land. These are the figures who make the films what they are, without them there would be no element of fear and, seeing as Halloween is coming up, I thought I should take time out to honour them. I’ll be looking at a handful of cinema’s greatest horror icons, giving a critical analysis of their character and trying to find out just why we find some of them as terrifying as we do. I won’t give them a score as such but they’ll each get a post and I’ll do my best to take a really detailed approach with each. Without further ado, let the games begin…


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