Upcoming Book

I aspire to be a proper writer one day. I mean it. Novels and everything. I want my name on library shelves. I want people to see what I’ve written, in a book, or an e-book. I want kids to have to read my writing as a part of their anthologies. To do that, I need to write.

So, here I am, telling you all that I will be writing a book – nay, not a book, but a book series, a series imparting onto you all, my opinion about, well, everything. I’ll start with something simple, like Films, and move on to Book and Music, and before you know it, I’ll be writing a book about Religion, Love and Life.

These will be my pet projects. I shall still write my reviews and I hope that you’ll come to read them, but there will be a time when That Guy is no longer just That Guy you found on the internet, but also That Guy that you find on a shelf, or in a hand, or in schools, libraries and book clubs. I will write words and opinions that you won’t even believe could be thought, and all the while you’ll think, “These are the thoughts of that half-decent reviewer?”

The answer, shall be yes.

According to That Guy

Coming soon to a book store near you…

That Guy


6 thoughts on “Upcoming Book

  1. I look foward to reviewing them! 😀


  2. If you wanted help covering the publishing fund I could always chip in. We could consider it an investment, you can pay me back in profit.


  3. Alright but these things tend to be pretty expensive…Jus sayin


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