Why Didn’t They Ask The Muggles?: Why The Lack Of Muggle Involvement In The Second Wizarding War Is Perfectly Logical

Much as I love the Harry Potter series I will admit that there are several plot holes that seem to draw a lot of attention from fans and take effort to answer. Amongst these is the question of why the Wizarding world, including Voldemort himself, didn’t ask the Muggles for help or use Muggle technology, after all we have nuclear weapons and guns whereas wizards have wands that require aiming or some degree of advanced skill. So is there an answer for this pretty big question?

https://thatguythatreviewsstuff.wordpress.com/wp-includes/js/tinymce/plugins/wordpress/img/trans.gifYeah, actually, there is. It’s all about prejudice. Firstly let’s look at Voldemort. Most people argue that Voldemort would’ve done a lot better with Muggle technology than magic; he could’ve just taken a nuke and blown Hogwarts to oblivion. Here’s the thing though, Voldemorts a racist. He hates Muggles, as far as he’s concerned they’re a lower form of life, what makes you think he regards their technology as anything else? He’d consider it beneath him, as the greatest Dark Wizard in history, to use technology rather than magic. Not that he’s above low blows, he sent a child to assassinate Albus Dumbledore after all, but it would be like the Nazi’s using a Jewish weapon like the Ark of the Covenant, it goes against everything they stand for.

That and the face melting

Furthermore, the only place left that’s of considerable threat to Voldemort is Hogwarts and he’s not going to blow it up. He’s got Horcruxes there and he could hardly move them when Dumbledore was Headmaster. Even when Snape was in charge he probably wouldn’t have destroyed the castle, why? For Voldemort, like Harry, Hogwarts became a new home. Look at how he reacted when he heared that, unless a culprit is found for the basilisk he’s been setting loose on students, the school will have to close, he immediately frames Hagrid. He’s not exactly going to leap at the opportunity to blow the place to hell is he? Also, Hogwarts is the only British Wizarding school and without it Voldemort loses his influence on the children of the Wizarding community and therefore his foothold on the future. The students are going to be the death eaters of tomorrow, killing them all would be unwise.

So what of the rest of the Wizarding community? Why didn’t the ministry just ask for Muggle help as soon as it was clear that Voldemort had returned to power and was deemed a threat? Again the answer is both ignorance and racism, although in a far more subtle form than that of Voldemort. For Wizards, Muggles are just poor, ordinary people. Even the term Muggle sounds bland, dull and unimpressive, like a derogatory slur. There’s still a great deal of prejudice toward both Muggles and Muggleborns, although the majority of the Wizarding world wouldn’t see the latter in so harsh a light. Professor Slughorn is quite astonished to find Lily Evans was Muggleborn and he automatically assumes Hermione is a pureblood because she’s capable. It isn’t done in a mean-spirited way but it still reflects the cultural view of Muggleborns that the Wizarding world still has and it translates more harshly on Muggles. Almost all Witches and Wizards are quite dismissive of Muggles throughout the series, It even translates to politics. Then Minister for Magic, Cornelius Fudge is referred to by the British Prime Minister as something like ‘rude, patronising and condescending’. There are times when Fudge just appears and gives a very brief summation of often pretty important events. When several HIGH-SECURITY DEATH EATERS break out of Azkaban, including known murderers, torturers and Muggle haters, Fudge’s comments to the British Prime Minister are something along the lines of ‘Yeah some really powerful murderers with racist views have escaped to join magic Hitler, but don’t worry your pretty little head about it, us wizards will clean everything up’. There are even times when Fudge gets visibly frustrated that the PM can’t grasp simple terms, treating him almost as he would a child. This doesn’t exactly reflect a great political relationship.

  1. image

It is exactly this.

Also, you will not believe the fan-fic this was attached to…

Ignorance also plays a part in this. Neither Voldemort nor the Wizarding community at large know anything about the Muggle world, least of all the fact that they have weapons that can level entire cities in seconds. Hogwarts has a subject called Muggle Studies but it’s incredibly irrelevant simply because it isn’t compulsory. Like all subjects, Muggle Studies probably starts off just going of the basics of Muggle society eg politics, countries, cultures and the like. It’s only after it’s been chosen as an OWL subject that it probably becomes more focused on things like the intricacies of technology and economy and politics. Furthermore, who the hell is going to take Muggle Studies when:

A) Their other options include MAGIC AND POTIONS. I cannot stress that enough; it’s like opting to do Geography rather than learning advanced telekinesis.

B) What possible jobs are there that focus on Muggle Studies? There’s a department of Muggle relations in the Ministry but that basically revolves on making sure the Muggle population never finds out they exist.

So there isn’t really any need for knowledge of Muggle life. In fact, there probably aren’t many scholars of the subject. The woman who teaches Muggle studies is murdered by Voldemort in the opening chapter of Deathly Hallows and we can presume he took a similar course of action with anyone else who had Muggle friendly views. By the end of the book there probably isn’t a single academic, other than Muggleborns, who has any real knowledge of Muggle culture. There’s evidence for this in the books; we see grown wizards confused over the purpose of a rubber duck and the nature of a skirt, Arthur Weasley’s main ambition in life is to find out how airplanes stay in the air, it isn’t exactly a well taught or popular subject.

Not unlike my life’s ambition of finding out how this man stays on the air

Furthermore, the average Wizard’s grasp of technology isn’t exactly great. They still use steam trains and candles, their entire postal system is owl based for God’s sake! Wizards have grown up with this idea that magic is the answer to every single problem, that’s why there are so few jobs in the wizard world, everybody just relies on magic. Burst pipe? Magic! Clogged sink? Magic! Feeling cold? Magic! Feeling hot? Magic! Wet clothes? Magic! Weeds? Magic! Need to travel? Magic! Thirsty? Magic! No lights? Magic! Stacking shelves? Magic! Going to war with a magical Hitler and his army of ultimate evil? MAGIC! MAGIC! FUCKING MAGIC!!!! There is literally no problem outside of politics, legislation, sales or teaching that doesn’t have an answer rooted solely in magic. The idea of making machines to do shit for them is almost completely alien to these people. Perhaps the most modern thing they have is the Hogwarts Express and even that is implied to have some sort of magical connection. Odds are that they by now they have a suspicion of anything made after 1842 which effectively includes every weapon after the rifle.

The people on this street are more technologically capable than the entire Wizarding world…Just let that sink in for a second 

Also there’s the idea that the Wizarding world likes to keep itself to itself and away from Muggles, only the PM is aware of their existence, not the cabinet or the generals, just the PM. This can be put down to the idea that the Wizarding world as a whole believes that if they were to reveal themselves then Muggles would just be asking wizards to do everything for them, which is a very loose for of racial stereotyping. There are laws against using magic in front of Muggles, Hell there’s a Statute of Secrecy, an entire piece of legislation devoted to the idea the Muggles are lazy and wizards should be kept separate from them. Anyone who breaks it is sent to Azkaban of all places and those people that promote Muggle/Wizard relations are generally looked down on, even Albus Dumbledore is referred to as crackpot for holding these views. Do you honestly think the Wizarding world is going to churn up all these political issues, that have held for Centuries, just for the help of some idiot Muggles with technology that the vast majority of them haven’t the basic comprehension of?? Even if they did decide to involve the Muggle world there is literally no clear target for them to launch nuclear action on. There isn’t a set building where all the Death Eaters congregate except Malfoy Manor, which would be an assumption because there isn’t much evidence to guarantee it, and how are the government even going to begin to explain why they bombed the crap out of Somerset? Then the Death Eaters take over the Ministry and the Muggle government can’t exactly bomb a highly populated Wizarding area in the middle of London because:

1) How do they explain that?

2) Its not exactly great for Muggle/Wizard relations and would probably give Voldemort’s views a little more weight if the heart of Wizard government was blown to hell by Muggles.

Ok so couldn’t a SWAT team just go in and take out Death Eaters in the Ministry? No, firstly, how many major Death Eaters were in the Ministry? The Malfoys weren’t, neither were the Lestranges and Voldemort was in Europe. So there’s no great blow to the Death Eaters other than maybe the loss of Yaxley, who is a pretty capable wizard and would probably be able to defend himself, and perhaps the death of Pius Thicknesse who, as a puppet politician, could easily be replaced. Also, how does the SWAT team know who to shoot? All wizards dress the same and the only thing that really defines the Death Eaters is the Dark Mark, usually concealed. Alright, no biggy, just give them pictures of major Death Eaters within the Ministry, Which they get from where exactly? We’ve already covered the Order of the Phoenix’s own ‘prejudices’ and there’s no way of knowing for sure which Death Eaters are in the Ministry without actually looking and security is pretty damn tight at the best of times. They’d be shooting blind  all they would succeed in doing is causing a bloodbath which Voldemort would spin into ani-Muggle propaganda. The biggest problem with using a SWAT team though? The paperwork, I’m not even kidding, do you have any idea how many people this would have to go through before they actually got clearance? It has to be at least 40-50 and do you honestly think you could keep them sufficiently blind to what’s actually going on or even remotely quiet once they were told the truth? Also, you’d have to prove that there were actually wizards, which would require the presence of magic. Voldemort’s reign pretty much calls an end to wizard/Muggle relations and the order is busy/slightly racist so any idea of a SWAT team is beyond out of the question.

So to conclude, it isn’t stupid that Muggles weren’t called in to help the wizards or that their weapons were used because of the following:

1) Voldemort’s significant prejudice.

2) Lack of any knowledge or anyone in power who has any real knowledge of Muggle capability

3) The subtle racism of Wizarding society as a whole

4) The dismissive attitude to Muggles by major Wizard politicians

5) The Wizarding world’s dependency on magic as the solution to literally every problem.

6) The lack of any target

7) The significant problems with any small scale strike

8) The laws and social taboos against large scale Muggle/Wizard relations.

That’s eight, eight reasons why any Muggle/Wizard alliance wouldn’t have worked and don’t let me ever catch you saying otherwise!



2 thoughts on “Why Didn’t They Ask The Muggles?: Why The Lack Of Muggle Involvement In The Second Wizarding War Is Perfectly Logical

  1. I think you mean it’s 8 reasons…


  2. That…Is a very good point…I didn’t notice that…tbh I did add a couple once I’d finished…


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