New Found Work

So, although it probably doesn’t mean much to our average visitor, I know a few of you have a very keen interest in the lives of our writers and, well, I guess I ought to mention that two of us have found jobs, which means we’ll be getting paid money to do work for people. Yes. I know. It’s a strange concept.

Who are the two people, I hear you wondering. Well, one of them is me. I will be working on a Purchase Ledger Apprenticeship. I won’t go into any more details, as it will bore you, but it means I’ll be starting work on Monday, between the hours of 8am and 5pm. Yeah. I know.

This will not, hopefully, stop me from reviewing. I mean, sure, I’ll be busy a lot, especially during the day, and won’t be staying awake late at night, but I will be writing as often as I can, and, if possible, will try to do a bit of writing, or at least, planning, during my lunch break.

As for the other writer with a new job? Well, I’ll let them write a post about it, but, well, suffice it to say, they got a job and I found out, right after I finished my interview this morning. Great timing, eh?

I wish both of us the best of luck in our new jobs, and hope that our reviewing is not affected too much by the changes to our lifes.

That Guy


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