District 9

Ah, District 9, the South Africa set film, about aliens in Johannesburg, produced by Peter Jackson and released in 2009. It starred the bloke that played Murdoch in the A-Team (he did a great job, by my account) and features a very good social commentary. I watched it a while back, with Ted, but then I watched it again a few nights ago and just had to review it.

So, what is District 9 about? Well, aliens get stranded on Earth, in Johannesburg, and get placed in what becomes a slum, named District 9. As they are being evicted to be moved to a concentration camp style site, a man gets squirted with alien fluid which starts to turn him into one of the aliens. The film follows his attempt to return back to the way things were and, well, his epic battle to survive.

So, yeah, it’s an interesting tale of civil-conflict, aliens, segregation and sci-fi history. Oh, and throw in some fucking amazing weapons.

You have so many messages in this film. You’ve got the actual story itself, but then you’ve got the way it loops back to apartheid in South Africa, the way it sort of links to the Holocaust, the way that it shows us that we can’t trust Nigerian Princes, the government or government accepted organisations and, finally, that the innocents are always the victims of horrific events. The main character was a good man who loved his wife, his work and did everything he could to stop the army blokes from killing the “prawns”. He fought to kick them out, he fought to avoid becoming one, he fought to avoid killing them and he fought to save them. He became a martyr, mostly because he is presumed dead by pretty much everyone else in the film.

It’s a shocking look at humanity, like all good sci-fi films and, well, it always makes me think. That’s why I vow to never work for a weapons research company when aliens come to Earth. It’s true.

The film is great. The plot fulfills every need that I have, when it comes to sci-fi. It engages me, it makes me think, it entertains me and, most of all, it looks cool. Just watch badly edited fight scene.

Yeah, that’s a pretty neat fight scene, right? Did you see the head explode? I did. That’s neat. Yes, that was an alien mech-warrior suit, in an independent film. It fucking rocks.

Now, I know this might seem a bit pathetic, but when I watched it, I had a long list of great things I would say, but, well, nothing seems fitting. Watch the film. See the way it sums up humanity PERFECTLY and then tell me that it’s not entirely deserving of the score I’m going to give it.

Now, don’t get me wrong. It’s not perfect. The way the film changes from documentary style camera-work, to action orientated camera-work without any real warning kinda pissed me off. I don’t know why. Maybe I’m just a bit stupid like that, but it’s what I think and, well, that’s why we’re all here, right?

I also think the ending could have done with a bit of work. It’s too ambiguous for me. You become hooked on this character, this man that you wish you could help, and the logical explanation for what happens to him isn’t that great to be honest. It’s saddening. Very saddening. Made me upset. It’s true.

So, watch the film and you’ll see what I mean. For now, believe me when I say, that this film, deserves this score.


That Guy


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