World of Warcraft – Part 2

Now, i know in the first post i promised a WoW trilogy. Well, promise is a strong word, more typed that i would. Yeah, i didn’t think that through. Honestly, i haven’t played every Race, i only have the expansion packs up to the Litch-king and due to how tight my money in and the lack of a new expansion pack in one of my presents at Christmas, i canceled my subscription. So here, in this post, i pass the baton of reviewing this game as best as possible to my fellow reviewers. I wish them luck, if they choose to take up this challenge, and if they don’t, then i am sorry you guys who were looking forward to these missed out.

That Other Guy


One thought on “World of Warcraft – Part 2

  1. JUST so happens, that I’ve had a Warcraft Review, up to the Lich King release, in the pipeline since May. Funny that…


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