Making A Snowman

So, today was a fun day. I’m a stingy git with views, so I’m going to make you click to read more.

Today was a day spent with my beautiful girlfriend, whom I love so very much, etc etc, more romantic crap that you don’t want to read, but I feel the urge to put in. She is the light of my life. She is a drug I cannot live without. She is my horcrux, who, without, I would fall apart.

Etc. Etc. Ewww all you like, Benny. It’s called love. One day, you’ll experience it too. Anywho, back on topic. For those of you not living in the UK, we’ve had a country-wide bout of snowfall. Today, I walked across my town, about 2 miles away, to visit her. We made a snowman. No sexual joke there. True fact. We made a snowman. Here it is.

Hey! Look at me!

Hey! Look at me!

So, here I am, with my girlfriend, Claudia, who you may know as being the “Cheese” post requester, and¬†occasional¬†comment maker, whom I would happily give up reviewing for. Probably. Maybe. If I stopped enjoying seeing your pretty little faces read my opinions… Yeah. I love you all, readers, and yes, I am back on the Jack Daniels.

Making a snowman, followed by a day with the woman of your life. For me, it’s got to be this exact score, only because it had to end.


That Guy


7 thoughts on “Making A Snowman

  1. And, for those that care, the snowman is called Bert…

  2. Jordan, I really resent that comment about me and love

    • Tough. It’s about time I made one you didn’t like, now, get your ass on Skype before 11 tonight, so we might actually be able to have that damn chat you wanted on Thursday…

  3. No Jordan, it’s insulting and I’d like an apology. I don’t think you meant to offend me but you did.

  4. I think we both know that if I were a country with nuclear weaponry, World War Three would’ve came and gone by now, NATO or not :L

    • If you were a country with nuclear weapons, then the world would have gone to pot and we’d have died long before you had the chance to fire any weapons at me…

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