Why i like Bane

Another Bat post. Long time coming this one, but the Bat is back; so long as i’m here, so is he. This post is about the character Bane, who has recently seen his popularity shot back up with his key roll in The Dark Knight Rises. I do like Bane, and here’s why:

Now first off, there is something i must get straight with you all; i made a mistake. Well, an error more like, not an actual application of false knowledge but a lack of explanation as to what i meant by what i typed. In my review of …Rises, i mentioned the story of Bane portrayed in the movie as new. This is not true, but what i meant was new in the film department of the Batman franchise. I all so said i might come to like this story more, but i still don’t. Let me explain further….

Banes first movie appearance was in Batman and Robin as poison Ivy’s bodyguard, made from a prisoner from ‘the pit’ intoxicated by a mad scientist with ‘venom’ as the only surviving test subject who could handle the unstable chemical. The scientist was hiding out in the South American jungle, only a hop, skip and a boat ride away from the fabled prison, his secrete lair/lab funded by Wane enterprises through Bruce’s Eco-friendly research headed by scientist Pamela Isly. The whole basis for Bane, as far as the movies are concerned, is Pamela’s chemical ‘venom’, which she made to give plants the ability to fight back, infected both her and Bane, turning her into notorious fem fatal Poison Ivy and Bane into her ‘venom’ dependent bodyguard.

The Comic story for Bane is much better and more accurate to the new story for …Rises. In the comics, Bane is still a prisoner of the ‘pit’, put there unfairly for petty crimes. He is selected and compatible for a mad scientists ‘venom’ chemical experiments to turn him into a super soldier. Bane is super strong, a genius (believe it or not) and a natural born fighter with superb skills.

But why i really like him, is he is the only villain, ever to have broken Batman. On his first appearance in Gotham, helped by some hired lackeys, he muscles his way into the Gotham underworld and starts causing crime to fund research into a cure for ‘venom’. He is found by Batman, who seriously underestimated Banes strength, skill and genius, as he only had rumors to go on. At this point in time Bruce Wane was having a hard time keeping fit and healthy, both physically and mentally, as the stress of his double life was finally getting on top of him. As a result of all that, and Bane being ready for the fight, to the anguish of Batman’s loyal onlookers during the fight, Bane beats Batman real bad, finally lifting him above his head and saying his iconic line, doing his iconic move “Now i… BRAKE YOU!” dropping him onto his knee, braking his back.

After that, Bane takes up position as head of Gotham’s criminal underworld and demands all the power and respect that goes with such a position. The second/other Batman who is Jean-Paul Valley also known as Azrael beats Bane in a fight soon after and sends him packing, but that’s not the last we see of him.

Since then Bane focused on finding out about his past, so far that he actually took sides with Batman for a while in exchange for information about his farther and where he came from. Despite this alliance being of great use to Bane and getting him much closer to finding a cure for ‘venom’, Bane never trusts Batman, always lording the fact that he beat him once over him and never offering up too much information about Gotham’s underworld or it’s other villains.

Having said that, Bane never really aligned himself with any other villain of Gotham either. He prefers to stand alone, hire hos own henchmen and do what he wants when he wants to, and brake anyone who gets in his way, and this makes him a very dangerous and unpredictable villain. He could return to Gotham with any intent, and that must have made him amazing to write.

A few things you may not know about Bane:

  1. He has a teddy bear called Oslo. It was his childhood friend in the ‘pit’, and he still holds him dear in adult life. Woe betide anyone who touched Oslo!
  2. There is an interesting story line for Bane called “Veritas Liberat”, where Bane finds his farther, who turns out to be a world renowned villain called King Snake, who planed on using a super weapon against the world but Bane stops him. He all so saves Batman from King Snake but is mortally wounded in the process. Batman saves him with a bath in the Lazerous pit, and leaves him on a clean slate.
  3. As you may have gathered, Bane was intoxicated with ‘venom’ against his will and has been trying to find an antidote, while stopping others trying to use or synthesis his ‘venom’ ever since.

Now, why i like the movie explanation of Banes creation better, is because i feel it is less complicated and more explained than the comic story, but as with all comic story’s  it’s open to fan interpretation.

Biggest shocker of this post though, is that in 1997 following the ‘Batman legacy’ comics, there was a one off special edition called Batman:Bane where Bane returns to Gotham city intent on destroying it with an atomic weapon…. hmm, sound familiar?

Anyway, i like Bane because he is dangerous, and not like the other villains of Gotham who are dangerous because they are insane (with access to guns and explosives), well connected with a lot of henchmen or have inexplicable and deadly technology, but simply because he’s a huge guy with huge muscles who can Brake anyone who gets in his way. He can do what he wants, when he wants and as he proved no one, not even Batman; can stand in his way! He represents pure, uncontrollable power (bit like an atom bomb…)


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