Valentines Day

Well, here it is. Valentines Day. The day where we all declare our love for our loved ones, and do so for outrageous prices. It’s one hell of a day. Commercialized ways of saying the three words we all over-use in every meaningful relationship.

That doesn’t mean I don’t like today.

No, I like Valentines Day. It makes me think about how lucky I am to have my remarkable girlfriend. It reminds me of how wonderful she is, and how wonderful we are together. Especially when I get comments like this on Tumblr.

“You could do so much better than her.”

Of course, I won’t shame the writer of that comment, but I will share my response.

“If this comment is about who I think it’s about, then you’re wrong. You are so very wrong indeed.

I could do no better than the woman who makes me smile a thousand smiles a day, the woman who makes me laugh a dozen times more than anyone else does, each week, the woman who makes every fiber of my being tingle with the slightest touch, the woman who encourages me to be my best, if not for her, than for me, the woman who supports me through every decision and the only person in the whole world who will ever make me this happy.

No. I could not do better. It is she, who could do better than me.”

So, yeah. Today is the day of declaring one’s love for others, and I love my girlfriend. Suck on that, anonymous male Tumblr user!

For all of you out there with no-one in your love-life, don’t worry about it. They’ll come along, and you’ll be happy. You will. I just know it.

For those of you with loved ones this year, don’t waste a single moment. Not one. It’s too special to be with someone.

That Guy


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