EMP…. A new world?

Right, i want to say right now, this is a rant, so i am going to be explicit, swear, be angry and make many many many spelling errors… but i really don’t give a shit! Anyway, to my rant:

Now, what has bought forth my wrath, you ask? Well, it wasn’t Khan, it’s this new, AMERICAN (that’s important later) show that is being advertised on my t.v. called revolution. It’s about the power going off and NEVER, i repeat NEVER, going back on!

Straight away i feel J.J.Abraham’s is copying what Steven Spielberg did with the alien invasion show, which was a masterpiece. But already i have a bone, tooth and eyeball to gouge out with this one, like a messed up Gothic version of operation.

I assume, seen as it’s about power going out, that’s it’s about a worldwide EMP…. Now, that’s not my problem, in fact that actually could happen as the sun can emit very powerful EMP fields when it flares…. I said i was angry, i didn’t say i wasn’t still me.

Well, actually, no, there is a problem, even there, because the sun, which is the only natural source of an EMP powerful enough to plunge the world into darkness, would only plunge the side of the earth that was facing it into darkness. The dark side would be unaffected  Not to mention the multiple layers of our own plants magnetic and gravitational currents that can disrupt and even deflect EMP’s.

So he must be on about the power grid going out…. but oh wait, the trailer shows all the cars turning off in the street and a plane falling from the sky…. How the fuck are they connected to the national grid…. So, it must be just a huge, Earth bound, unexplained EMP. I hate that, but AMERICANS don’t care about that bit because for an AMERICAN to know everything i just said he must be “A nerd or som’in”, right.

So, it’s unexplained, which is fine because the audience get board at the slightest mention of science, even in a science fiction! Don’t believe me…. think of an AMERICAN pure science fiction… aka: not a hi-bread ingratiating action, or horror.

Moving on from this is the things that nags me the most…”It’s gonna turn off and it will never, turn back on.” WHAT THE FUCK….let me explain

Ok, so all the power in the world has turned off, fucking  inexplicably…. and that’s it. It’ll never turn back on, it’s gone so we all need to squaller in the mud and resort to crossbows, swords sticks and relive the dark ages!


Let’s go back to just before electrisity was DISCOVERED…. it was discovered, found, explained. AKA: it was ALREADY THERE! I mean fuck, how could they have discovered it all them years ago, when modern people facing the same dilema can’t seem to do it now. My opinion, there too use to sitting infront of the t.v. being lazy ass losers.

Basically, there is an ambient electric field surrounding the planet. It’s in the atmosphere  it’s in the very air we breath. The very first device to prove the exsistance of electricity did it by passing a spark through the air using static. You know, like what happens when you rub your socks on the floor to give someone an electric shock. There’s electricity  use your modern knoledge to harness it and you can start turning the power back on.

But noooo… the trailer said, it would NEVER turn back on…. he must mean the electricity in the air is gone. Well, an EMP powerful enough to eradicate all ambient electricity everywhere, would also get ride of the 0.6 amp electric pulse in our bodies, so everybody on the planet, at roughly the same time as the pulse spread, would suffer a major heart attack. The survival rates of that, without medical help, which they wouldn’t get as the doctors and nurses would be suffering heart attacks as well, is not great. A tiny proportion of the population would be left… and even then, in these most dire of situations  you could hook an unused light bulb with two wires to a piece of copper and zink and place them in a lemon… Wala, a 1 volt battery…..

So, to sum up… this new program makes no fucking scene  is a shit copy of a much better  work and built for t.v. addicted Americans….

There, i feel a lot better now. For all Americans reading this, you know i am using a stereotype  and using it hurtfully, but i do want you to know, that if you are not like the picture of an american citizen i have painted, even remotely  then i was not referring to you.

That Other Guy


4 thoughts on “EMP…. A new world?

    1. Oh, well. Feel free to watch it if you want…. I would like to know if the show is based at all in any form of fact and because it’s J.J.Abraham’s, it won’t be bad.

      I’m just narked off with the entire concept.

      All so, thanks Anansi for the like 🙂


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