That Other Guys opinion on… The choosing of the new pope

So this is my opinion on the choosing of the new pope.

So, Jorge Mario Bergoglio is the new Pope; Yippee. He will be known as Pope Francis the first. Well, there’s an achievement right there, choosing a name to be known as that is being used for the first time, remembering he’s taking over from Benedict the sixteenth.

He’s all so, very importantly,not from Europe! I believe this is a good thing because the papacy and the rule of the roman catholic church has been dominated by Europe since it’s inception, simply because the Vatican lies in Rome, in Europe. This use to make sense when Europe was a leading power in the world and everywhere surrounding Europe was full of heathens but in a modern society encompassing an international church and a world wide belief, there needs to be more power and opportunity to those country’s lying outside Europe but with religious routs held just as deeply.

On first opinions, aka: his balcony appearance and speech, i found him rather likable. His pose was self confident and very relaxed. His one handed wave, very proper. In his speech he was very new, radical and different. He didn’t sing the blessing but he simply spoke it. In his speech he talked of bringing a time led by love and simplicity to the Church, and that to me sounds almost too good to be true but, if he leads by the example he set with this speech, then maybe that will happen…

Most amazingly though, was how he, basically led his first mass as Pope on that balcony, saying a prayer to Benedict the sixteenth and, the defining moment. He prayed to God to give him strength to lead the Church, but he asked a favor of everyone listening to him of faith, to pray to God to give him strength. The way the entire Vatican fell into silent prayer-for him, at that moment…. i realized he was a going to be a talented but humble Pope, which is something i deeply respect.

The thing is though…..

He isn’t young. At an active age of 66, he is only one year younger than Benedict when he was elected, and he retired for his health. All so he is a conservative Christian, which means despite his talk of new times lead by love and simplicity, he shares Benedict’s opinions on homosexuality, marriage and the modernization of the church. On balance, he does come from a new country to the papacy with new ideas and a fresh way of thinking, but i believe any and all changes made to the Church under Pope Francis’s reign will use Benedict’s guidelines; so i don’t hold out for any radical change.


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