Why i like Hulk

Yes, it’s not a bat post. Although Hulk is famous/infamous in many different areas of the DC universe, including on other planets i don’t think he and batman ever met except maybe in the justice league comics and i didn’t read them. But anyway, onto the Hulk…

Now, i don’t just like this character, oh no…. I LOVE this character! Hulk is my favorite DC creation. DC seem to love him as well, as they’ve got him in so many stories branching off from his own. They created the most famous DC animation series, if not including many episodes or being classed as a complete series, Hulk vs. That one chain of animated epic episodes were so popular, many sold separately on DVD!

The Hulk comic series is not really an oldie with the first comic the incredible Hulk: 1 appearing in 1962. This was at a time when the Cold war was coming up to it’s most critical point, the 1964 Cuban missile Crisis and this obviously had an effect on the direction of the comic. It makes it clear why Banner was working on a super solider project (the same one used on Steve Rogers in WW2 by Harold Stark) and why the Hulk was so powerful and out of control, as the Cold war was. It also explains the conflicted nature Banner/Hulk where Banner feels he must warn others of the danger of being around him, but in doing so, he attracts antagonists to test him on his warnings, like how America kept warning the USSR of it’s power and the USSR just kept trying to call Americas bluff.

Some things you may not know about the Hulk:

His color: His original color was chosen as grey and was used in the first issue, but his comics launch was far more popular than expected and the cost of using white and black to create grey ink was very expensive, so they chose the much cheaper green. They later went back to Grey and briefly experimented with red, but eventually settled on the most used and popular Green.
Why banner becomes the Hulk: Originally, banner was written to have control over when he became the Hulk, so there was no trigger other than his choice. Next, he changed when his life or safety was in danger; this included when he was scared. They followed that up with emotional triggers such as anger, fear, hate, jealousy and stress. Briefly, they went back to it being under Banners control and then they used his heart rate, a theme carried on into the incredible Hulk movie, but in the comics, as in Avengers it goes back to emotion, primarily anger and when his life is at risk.
Banners Control over Hulk: Again, this has changed multiple times over the years. First, he had a separated mind but he could still talk and act through Hulk. Second, his mind hid away when he became Hulk but he could talk and act through Hulk still, only it was in basic speech and mostly he could hold Hulk back for a few seconds.Following this train of thought, the third decision was he had no control at all. This surprisingly didn’t last long and so they experimented with there minds being conjoined, so was present in Hulks mind, could speak to him and control him if necessary, but all so Hulk could speak to banner in his mind and influence his decisions. This was even more unpopular, so they went back to giving Banner some control. In later years leading up to today, Hulk and Banner have been separated again with much more success, but banner can still influence Hulk. He can’t control Hulks anger but he can focus it for him in some cases.    

So Hulk has been this ever changing character, never really settling on a description that has transcended from one writer to another. Only lets not forget, he is not alone, as Bruce Banner is just as crucial to this franchise as Hulk. In fact i was a little annoyed with the comics for including less issues that only included Banner. I know the comics say “The Hulk” and i know it’s the Hulk that sells it, but really where would Hulk be without Banner.

So, Bruce Banner was a scientist who was recreating the super solider project for the army under the guise of working on a medical procedure to help disabled physically weak people gain strength. Banner was first written as a brilliantly intelligent, head strong scientist. He was big headed, condescending and had trouble working with others but he was all so a charming guy who never meant to be mean, despite his nature. He was so confident a scientist that he even tried his experiments out on himself…

Through the years as Hulk evolved, so has Banner. He has been written as:

  • cowered
  • A Genius
  • A Charitable man
  • A helpful man-aka: hands on, douse jobs for people
  • A short tempered man
  • A nasty scientist with his own dark side, let alone the Hulk
  • As an insufferable know-it-all
  • As paranoid
  • A loner

And even once, for a unofficial series of comics that never took off, he brandished the power of the Hulk that he possessed like some sort of God, threatening to unleash him on people who threatened him. I’m glad that series never took off because that is not who Bruce Banner is.

So, this character, both aspects of him in fact, have morphed constantly through time. Many suggest it was done so often to represent how the struggle in the Cold war was going and others, including me, just feel that so many people can relate to Bruce and the Hulk in some way as they represent the conflict of good and evil in each of us so every writer had a view of him completely there own which is why his persona has never truly settled.

Now, why i like the Hulk….

You may or may not believe this. I don’t care either way really…. but i have been referenced to as the Hulk, multiple times, by multiple people. I have always had anger problems; i make no secrete of that as it went hand in hand with my Aspergers at childhood. It’s just, i was always the smart kid you could find in the science lab, like Banner, and when i lost control, i would scream, growl, throw chairs, tables, chase people distances i could never have ran otherwise, and i only ever remember fragments of the incidents. Now i know that’s due to repressing the memories because i don’t want to remember them (would you?) and i don’t turn 12 ft tall and green, nor have i ever been in a DNA changing laboratory disaster….I am not saying i am the Hulk….But i have always felt a deep and personal connection to the character and i can honestly say, i understand what he goes through, because i never wanted to hurt anyone and i tried to stop them and myself from making me angry. That Guy might back me up with this in the comments but he didn’t go to school with me so i understand if he feels he can’t validate this. All so, like i said, i don’t care if you believe me or not, because i know it’s the truth.

Now i’ve done my piece, back to the Hulk:

The first Hulk movie was in my mind, disappointing. I expected much more than what was given. I began watching it and was board of it almost instantly…. It could have and should have been… so… much… better.

The Incredible Hulk on the other hand, lived up to expectations. I thought banner was portrayed beautifully and the CGI used on Hulk and The Thing was top notch. Better still was the story line, staying true to the recent comics description of what Hulk should be and with that little teaser at the end for the Avengers… excellent.

In the Avengers we see the scientist in banner again and we see the true power of Hulk. What i love about the power of Hulk is how his power increases with how angry he gets, and his power has been described to have “no finite in this reality”…. which means, his power is completely limitless. If he gets angry enough, he can actually poses enough power to destroy an entire planet. In Hulk vs Thor, when the Hulk is set free, he actually manages to pick up Thor’s hammer and nearly kill him! Thanks to his regenerative power as well, to heal from damage, again the angrier the faster, he could actually be described as truly unstoppable. So good things Banners there to reign him in when he calms down enough.

So, Hulk…. I will give this unstoppable force a perfect:


That other Guy


One thought on “Why i like Hulk

  1. Sorry this took a while guy’s, but Sophie and L.A.Powell, thank you both for reading and liking what you read. You two are awesome! 🙂


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