Departmental Management

Good day to you all.

We’ve been having a little discussion, as a writing ensemble, and we’ve decided to form and manage our own writing departments. You know how it is. Just a nice little piece of organisation within the ranks of our writing squad.

We’ve managed to cut it down to nine main areas of writing, all of which are being managed by one of the three writers at TGTRS. The departments are as follows.

That Guy will be managing: Music, Games and Current Affairs

That Other Guy will be managing: Books, Comics and Poems

Benny4700 will be managing: Films, TV and Theatre

Now, despite this, we will all write reviews on any of the topics we so wish to write about. We aim to produce as many reviews, of the same varied topic as we always have. Only now, when we do write, or rather, when any other writers join our roster, they will submit their posts to the appropriate Department Head.

This seems very dictator-like, even to me, but we’ve been discussing this for a while and we all agreed that this seems to be the solution to a few of the problems we’ve had before. We’re now specializing, as well as branching out, and for us, that’s the biggest problem we’ve been having.

There are also a few changes to the new writer selection process, that will be revealed in another post, soon to follow this one.

If you’d like to share an opinion on the aforementioned change, please do not hesitate to comment below, or email us at which we try to check twice daily.

Thanking you for your readership,

That Guy


That other Guy


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