Name and Shame: thegamer421

In this post, i am going to name and shame thegamer421. To find out why, read on…

Ok, so as you all know by now, i have aspergers syndrome. A higher functioning form of autism, coupled with dyslexia and recently small bouts of depression. Yeah, i’m a little crazy…. a bit screwed over in the head. But do you want to know a secrete, all the best people are.

Now, i am always fighting against negative stereotyping, unfair comments and outright discrimination, but this recently has taken the biscuit.

I was watching a video in a proffered series of mine on youtube and i read in the comments to this video, people throwing the word autism around a lot. It wasn’t in a good, and sometimes even accurate way, so i posted a comment asking people to buy dictionary’s to find out what the word meant; and all so to improve there vocabulary. My message included a sentence at the end telling people that misunderstanding of the diagnosis can cause anger and fear of it, which is what leads to discrimination.

As you may have guessed, this got a few responses, mostly just commenting on my spelling. I admit, i need a dictionary more than most people but then where’s the harm in asking others to do the same? Anyway, most of the comments where just people telling me that that is the nature of the internet, to not be offended and that’s just the way it is. This is a pitiful excuse. Just because it’s on the internet doesn’t mean it’s justified or that people should just accept it and move on.

But this one guy, thegamer421. Yeah, his response was this:

“You autistic cunt”


Yeah, imagine opening your inbox, clicking on the email and reading that. Obviously i am offended. This is open and blatant discrimination, aimed at me personally and people like me in general.

Now, he probably thought i was just some silly school kid. I’ve seen his channel and know that’s all he is. He almost certainly wouldn’t have expected me to be a 19 year old online reviewer and to respond to his comment like this.

Now i’m not going to throw insults at this guy personally  because i’m a bigger person than that and he isn’t worth it; but what i will say is it’s kids like this who are not put right in there teenage years about mental illness who turn into judgmental and discriminatory adults.

What i am going to do is post a link to his youtube channel and i’m posting a link to this review to him for him to read. If you are reading this…. In hope next time you’ll think twice before being so unkind.

That Other Guy


2 thoughts on “Name and Shame: thegamer421

  1. Well, I must say, if you won’t do what the internet does, and sink to his level, I’ll have to do it for you.

    How dare you insult a member of my writing team, you arrogant bastard, you warthog faced buffoon, you cowardly fiend, you snake in the grass, you demon’s plaything. You’ll suck cocks in hell and bathe in the spunk, you stupid fuck.

    Glad to get that out of my system. You’re welcome.


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