R.I.P Roger Ebert

It seems unfair that so soon after the death of Richard Griffiths we should have to mourn the loss of another film titan. Roger Ebert, the man who brought film criticism to the masses, has died today at the age of 70 after a long battle with cancer (which had previously claimed his lower jaw). We will remember him as a witty and eloquent writer, a man for whom every movie was a gem (even some of the bad ones). Roger Ebert loved movies and Roger Ebert made us love movies. I think I can speak for That Guy when I say that both Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert had a huge impact on our passion for reviewing and the forming of our own individual styles, in fact we often compared each other to Siskel and Ebert (I was Siskel, That Guy was Ebert) I can honestly say that he enriched my life and greatly affected the way I watch and critique film. His passion was truly infectious and his work remained outstanding till the day he died. For 46 years Roger Ebert gave his life to cinema and in return influenced generations of critics. I speak for everyone here when I offer my condolences to Roger’s widow and say thank you to a fine writer and a man whose passion for good storytelling has influenced countless others.

R.I.P Roger Ebert




One thought on “R.I.P Roger Ebert

  1. I would have written this myself, but for Benny’s skill at obituary pieces, and the overwhelming shock of Roger’s death, which has, sadly, pushed me towards a spiral of rage and alcoholism this evening, or rather, tonight. It is saddening to think that, no matter how brilliant someone may be, they must still depart from this world, and it is with this sad thought that I offer my condolences to his family, friends and fans.

    For those of you with a drink at hand, I propose a toast, to Roger Ebert, a man whose ability to praise and scorn the arts, or those he thought were not, seemed limitless, and, indeed, was only limited by life itself.

    Roger, you will be missed, but you will live on in the words you wrote, the ideas you shared and the lives you touched, such as my own, and Benny’s. We will not forget you, nay, we often think of you and it is with that in mind that, although I know not of the afterlife, or even of your own beliefs of such a place, I hope you are there, and I hope it is good.

    That Guy


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