Name and Shame: Acecool444

I wanted to get Acecool444’s comment out into the open because I really think it needs some real examination. However before I reveal the writing of this lunatic to you I’ll give you some background info.

This comment was posted on the video “Marriage Equality- The Atheist Experience #850 (full episode)” (I’ll put a link at the end). The Atheist Experience is a show from Austin, Texas and is one I quite enjoy. They normally have a theme at the beginning followed by viewer calls. These calls can be incredibly funny, especially when a complete moron calls in (my favorite being the guy who asked “If we have electricity in our brain; why don’t we get electrocuted in the shower?”).

Anyway the theme this week (as you probably have guessed) is about marriage equality. A topic that is quite big in the current american political climate. I am all for marriage equality. I see of no reason why two people who love each other shouldn’t be allowed to marry as long as they are both of age. However many people are against it and my un-educated nemisis here is one such person. Lets look at his opinion.

Next time you find yourself standing next to a transvestite, pedophile, prostitute, necromancer, zoophile, or any other sort of sexual deviate, remember! they are no different than how we must accept Homosexuals. They are people too!

In years to come, they too will have equal rights or quite possibly psychologically considered “Normal” for many of the same reasons Gay people are now considered “normal”.

God said we must love our neighbors and pray for them. Hate the act, but love the person.

Ok so you’ve probably already spotted the first thing. “necromancer” now anybody who doesn’t have a nine iron jutting out of their brain knows the difference between “necromancer” and “necrophiliac”. Necromancy comes from the latin necromantia which itself comes from a conjunction of the greek words “nekros” (dead body) and “manteia” (divination or prophecy) basically meaning someone who divines the future by talking to dead bodies. This later expanding to means just chatting with dead people or raising them bodily. Necrophiliac comes from the same roots but means someone who performs sex acts with dead bodies.

The second thing you should see is that he includes prostitutes and transvestites in a list of “sexual deviants”. I’m going to start with the prostitutes. Prostitution is a job. It may not be a nice job and it is one that I wish wouldn’t have to exist. But it is refered to as “The world’s oldest profession”, Many men and women are forced into this field of work out of necessity or by people who have brought them into the country. But this person claims that they are sexual devients and should not be accepted into society.

He also claims that transvestites are sexually deviant and so should not be accepted into society. I know a transvestite and he is a very nice person. I could also put forward Grayson Perry who is a great artist. According to this arse he shouldn’t be accepted into society.
The third horrible and stupid thing that this person (if he even qualifies to be called that) has done is something that is hate-filled, vile and I struggle to expel all the fury that it produces inside me. However it is a common argument in america at the moment. Comparing homosexuality to necrophilia, bestiality and peodophilia. This is evil and, logically wrong. What is the one thing that seperates all types of sexuality along the lines of moraliy. Consent and harm. Children cannot give consent, dead bodies cannot give consent and animals cannot give consent. Having sex with a child will cause to the animal harm emotionally, mentally and physically, having sex with an animal will cause harm to the animal, having sex with a corpse may not cause harm to the body but it cause emotional harm to the reletives of the body.
No matter how angry I may seem I am not personally offended by Acecool444 but his stance is offensive. We are meant to be in an enlightend age the internet is the core of a global communication link that connects every person on this planet to each other at the speed of light. And all I can say about youtube is “You’ll never find a greater hive of scum and villainy”. I’ve been on youtube for a long time and I know that people like that are out there my personal motto is “Give as good as you get. Take as good as you give.”.
But now the score and for Acecool444 I give…
A Pat Robinson/10

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