Hrudolfensis’ Opinions On… The Death of Baroness Thatcher (Real one this time)

Hello. I wish to start this review by once again offering my sympathies to the family of Baroness Thatcher. Though I disliked her politics I respect her as a person and a strong woman who could not be shifted from her beliefs. I understand what it is like to lose a family member although not one as close as a mother.

I also wish to apologise for any offense caused by my previous joke however haven’t got any real compalints about it so I think I’m in the clear.

My opinion of the death of Thatcher is not a particularly extreme one. I am not one of the people raising the flag in their gardens, nor am I one of those people having parties to celibrate it. I don’t really mind. Thatcher is a person that I have never really cared about. Unlike Tony Blair and David Cameron my opinion on which can be summed up as Guy Fawkes where are you now. I wasn’t around during Thatcher’s reign of terror I was born during John Major’s time and the first politician I remember really thinking about was Blair. So I have never really been given much reason to care about Thatcher.

However this is good because it means I can give an outsiders opinion Thatcher.

First of all I would like to say that whatever anyone says Thatcher was not a peacetime prime minister. When she was running the country we where at the height of the Cold War and then the Falklands War kinda happened. She also ordered the sinking of the only ship sunk by a nuclear submarine. That is not the sort of thing done by a peacetime leader.

Second of all this then means that she can’t be the best  peacetime or wartime prime minister. If you ask anyone the question of who the best wartime prime minister is, they will answer Churchill. There is no competition Churchill defeated the bloody nazis. Thatcher sat on the side lines whilst America and The USSR argued and then defeated the Argentinians. It’s just not as good a legacy.

Thridly like all conservative prime ministers who get to spend more than 5 years as prime minister she got quite bad in the end. All the things that most people complain about happened in her last years as prime minister. This may seem more to be that people get don’t get re-elected after they do bad things. But I always look at Churchill in the 1945 general elections. He compared the Labour Party to a fascist state and claimed that the country owed him. He also changed from using “My party has decided” to “I have decided”.

The main problem I have with Thatcher was that she was a social conservative.If Thatcher was prime minister now, there is no way that gay marriage would have gone through the house of commons. Like most conservatives she was a traditionalist.

The main complaint however that most of Thatcher’s critics have is that she de-powered the unions. I have two opinions on this. One she was right to ban closed shops. Forcing someone to be part of a union and the way the unions conducted buisness at that time is un-democratic. My Father who was working for an editing company at the time (I know not exactly a miner but roll with it) was part of a closed shop union. In this union a vote was taken on whether to go on strike. One person and the higher ups in the union (about 15 people all together) voted for the strike everyone else (the rest of the workforce in the company) voted to not strike. Two days later they were told that the strike was going ahead. However thats not where it ends. My Father who at that time was about twenty and living in a flat in Thamesmead with his mother had is pay cut for the duration of the strike and couldn’t afford to eat properly. He went to the union to ask for financial support but was denied. My second point on this however is a critisism. I believe that the matter could have been handled much better. She could have forced the unions in closed shops to pay out a certain amount of financial support making it too expensive to have a closed shop union. However then she could have used the excuse that she was attempting to help the union members.

I understand that this review has been longer than most of my reviews so may have dragged a bit but please let me leave you with this quote and this fact.

When asked what her best political creation was Baroness Thatcher replied “Tony Blair”.

And a poll taken after the death of Baroness Thatcher found that the most popular song following the anouncement of her death was “The Witch is Gone” the song from the popular mucical “The Wizard of Oz”.


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