Benny4700’s Opinion On: The Resignation Of Matt Smith From Doctor Who

Earlier today current Doctor Matt Smith announced that he was standing down from the role after the 50th anniversary special. Many of you, myself included, may be  overjoyed at this news. Smith seems to be one of those actors that you either love or hate as the Doctor; regardless of whose to blame. So I figured I ought to talk a little bit about my thoughts on the future of Doctor Who as well as one of the most divisive actors to play the lead in 50 years.

I never really took to Matt Smith. I loved Christopher Eccleston and I friggen adored David Tennant so when Tennant announced he was leaving I was pretty sad, but after thinking about it I figured that I should give whoever the new guy was a chance. When Smith was revealed as the new Doctor I was slightly iffy about him but then again I felt the same thing when I first saws Tennant. Smith’s first episode did next to nothing to change my mind but, again, I knew that I had the same sort of feelings about Tennant; it’s only natural for it to take time to get used to a new actor in such a prolific role. The longer I waited for Smith’s performance to become even remotely likeable the more intolerable it became, there’s just something that rubs me up the wrong way about him. I don’t know, maybe I was just spoiled with Tennant, maybe it’s just too different from what I’ve had before but I don’t think so; I don’t mind that Smith has a different take on the character, hell that’s half the point of the character of the Doctor, he changes!! I think the most convincing defence for Smith’s performance is to put the blame squarely on bad writing and direction. It is true that Moffat is an abysmal writer but I still think Smith should shoulder some of the blame and I am glad to see him go. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure he’s a nice enough guy and probably a half decent actor in other things but here he just never felt quite right, maybe it’s his delivery, maybe it’s his accent; I’m not sure. Regardless of what it was, I’m hardly sad to see him go  but wish him all the best in the future.

So will the series change drastically for the better now that Smith is being replaced? No. Why? Because Moffat is still here and he’s the core reason why the series is so bad nowadays. In fact, part of me might actually mourn Smith’s departure; if only because it means Moffat will have another version of the Doctor to ruin. With any luck, Moffat will also announce his intentions to stand down in the next few days but, judging by the guys immense ego, he won;t. My only hope now is that Smith’s replacement is a strong, capable actor who can make the most of Moffat’s awful take on the series, but it is a slim hope. Regardless, the Internet has become flooded with theories and bets as to who will be the next Doctor, personally I’m hoping for someone like Olivia Coleman or Eddie Izzard. I’d love to see a female Doctor but the actress would have to be in her late 50’s at the very least. Why? Because if there is an episode where the Doctor goes back to Medieval France and introduces herself as the Doctor, it could be problematic and the reactions of the locals may damage the mystique and power of the character. There are plenty of talented actresses out there and hopefully Moffat will stand down soon so who knows, maybe Doctor Who will be back on form in the near future.



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