“Blurred Lines” – Robin Thicke ft. T.I. and Pharrell Williams

So, this is yesterdays music review…. It is currently (while i’m writing this) the UK official number 1, and has been there now for two weeks, but i haven’t heard it yet, so i must be missing something. It’s got over 40 million hits on YouTube (video linked bellow)…. how did this sneak past me? Still, it means a review based on first impressions. Here’s what i think: 

So, first off the lyrics. I’m just off to read them now. Here is a link to the page on which i am taking the lyrics from: http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/robinthicke/blurredlines.html

Right, read them, and surprise surprise, it’s another song about sex! My Least favorite topic for songs to be on because there are so many about sex at the moment, or that imply or reference sex, i’m getting board. I was getting annoyed with it, but i don’t even have the energy to be a little peeved any more. It’s just becoming silly and it points out how sex mad the youth of this country are, that you almost can’t buy a single album anymore and not find at least one ‘sexy’ song.

Anyway, you got Pharrell singing only the intro and the ending, which makes me wonder why they got him involved in the first place, as the intro and ending are exactly the same and serve no reason except to pump the crowd up in a club or tell people listening on the radio which song there listening to before it starts properly, and that it’s ending. That right there, is a wast of my time, and a wast of Pharrell’s.

The song itself is sung predominately by Robin and there is what i presume is a rap by T.I. near the end. Having read this song through, i have a feeling that it was intended originally to be a love song. The title “Blurred Lines” lends itself to such a song, in my opinion but it has either been twisted, or i’m wrong and it was made from the start to be a smutty innuendo of a song. 

So, i’ll go through it. Please keep up with me via the link to the lyrics, though i’ll type out ones again that i think require more attention. Verse 1: I liked. It’s putting across a lack of communication in a relationship, but doing that doesn’t seem to fit into this song in any way, that as far as i can tell, is about hooking up….I think that verse was put in just for the sake of a place holder, because they couldn’t think of anything else.

Pre-Chorus: Obviously he’s telling a girl that the man she was with isn’t for her. Though the reference to money: “You don’t need no papers” combined with the use of the word liberation and his suggestion of having sex with her for no money, makes me think this could be very subliminally suggesting that she is a prostitute. May i also say in my defense, if you disagree with my analysis, that’s fine but if i feel i have enough evidence from the lyrics to interpret them like this, then please respect my thoughts and opinions. Thanks.

Chorus: It’s extremely repetitive, the rhyming structure is not consistent throughout, or dare i say, works and the first set of four lines reference’s plastic surgery, though admittedly indicating that real is better, and “getting blasted” which i know, from a previous work place as a sexual reference. If you know this term as anything different, please comment 🙂

The chorus ends in an a sexual invitation and quite honestly i think the middle was poorly written, that the whole thing wasn’t though out very well and that the writers of this song didn’t run out of ideas but didn’t have any to begin with. Still, you lot eat it up….

Verse 2: OK, what is this meant to mean? “What do they make dreams for, when you got them jeans on” Even as a sexual reference this makes no sense. It’s all so not a very good thing when the words your rhyming aren’t even the words at the end of the lines.Technically, that means this bit is only two sentences that sound like they rhyme. All so, in this verse, they completely lose the plot: “What rhymes with hug me?” 

Well: Pea, sea, tree, flea, tea, knee, flee, free, see, we, history, anything ending in -ology, tipsy, melee, freebie, Frisbee, trilby….

So, that verse was crap. Then were onto T.I.’s rap, which as far as i can tell is all about anal sex. I don’t mid it coming from the rapper in the rap section of a song, because i expect that. I like rapers to be rude, swear and be graphic and be sexual because that’s just what they do, and to this end, although some of the grammar makes me want to curl up into a ball and cry, it is not what i would class as terribly awful.

Then the song moves onto a bridge by Robin which serves no real purpose except to fill in a time gap to elongate the song, probably to convince people it’s of better quality than it is, and to reference drug use. What could be a better way to fill in a gap, other than to round this terrible set of lyrics off before the final repeat of the chorus that to involve drugs in a pot already full of sex, plastic surgery and prostitution….

Now, i’m actually going to listen to the song, for the first time….

I think i just worked out why this song is so popular. The video contains a topless girl, alcohol, smocking who knows what and lots of hash-tags. I know people will download a song just for the video, and that video will be big with hormonal teenage guys but i think it’s all the hash-tags that have made this song so popular.

You see, by popping hash-tags on the screen of the video, without telling you to directly, he is encouraging you to talk about this song online, and if your a smart advertiser, you know the fastest way to make something popular with the masses is through internet and socail media. He has been using you and your fb/twiter accounts to advertise his crap song! You’ve been had people! He has effectively brain washed you. I take back what i said about you eating up this garbage. When marketing is done this subversively, it’s not your fault. Just stop downloading it and put an end to the this, before the idea takes off! I implore you…

The music wasn’t that entertaining for me, the vocals weren’t the best either, and although i will give the video credit that it was colorful and eye catching, due to the use of a while background, standout costumes and the application of the principle that less is more, it doesn’t make up even in the slightest for the poor quality of this song.


That Other Guy


2 thoughts on ““Blurred Lines” – Robin Thicke ft. T.I. and Pharrell Williams

  1. You’re nuts.

    Explicit video is the best ever video. And even without the video, the song is catchy and easy to sing a long to. It’s following the trend in new music. We have visited the bug R&B ‘club’ tracks in the top 10, and not it’s going to a slightly more indie and chilled out summer scene, and this song is perfect for that. Even by your standards, 1/10 is harsh. And Pharrell is just as hot as Emily Ratazkovskiskkovaloviskiovitichikovski


    1. You’re sane.

      Explicit videos are soft porn for young horny teenage boys. The song is catchy, but i feel for the wrong reasons and it’s so easy to sing along to because it’s lyrics are repetitive and simply to the point of idiocy. I agree that it fits the trend for this summer of music and that the songs genre, sound and appeal is, in my opinion wrongly so, popular.

      I admit, in retrospect, 1/10 may have been a bit harsh by my standards, and i am considering amending it to 2 (though i probably won’t). I do stand by it’s low score though as i feel the song is cheep, nasty, badly written and reflects modern society’s ugly side. Some groups (admittedly religious, but not extremist) have even gone as far as to suggest that the song sounds rape-y. I don’t think i would go that far but when “I know you want it” is repeated so many times, you can understand where there coming from.

      I do seriously hate this song, and thank you for commenting. I love to hear from my readers, especially when they dissagree with me. I’m all so sorry the responce took so long

      Kind Regards

      That Other Guy


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