My Little Pony: Equestria Girls.

Hello! I’m back from my (Insert amount of months here) sabbatical with a new review.

I’m reviewing this because it’s the first thing that’s happened which has been interesting enough to talk about. The other things I’ve tried to review I’ve been able to some up in a sentence (e.g. Slender: The Eight Pages was dull and as atmospheric as a vacuum chamber.). However I’m back with this and I’ll be trying to get at least one review up every week.

Now before I start this I will admit something. I am… a brony. Not a “clopper” and the closest I ever get to trolling is cannibal trolling. So I’m a good guy. I’m quite new to the fandom in fact I only got into it in the last few months. I’m telling you this is context for the rest of the review.

Though I try to avoid spoilers as much as possible there will be some minor ones in this review so *SPOILER ALERT*.

I am sorry to admit that I was surprised at how enjoyable MLP: EG was. Though I was one of the people in the “give it a chance.” camp. I wasn’t holding out much hope for it myself. I mean a show about magical pink ponies, truly that is a show for only the manliest of men. But a show about surviving school, that’s a bit to girly.

But no the movie did have some problems, but as far as I can see they’re only very tiny nitpicks. I had to actually think for about 3 hours before I could even think of them. Some of the things like the alternate mane six having been driven apart by Sunset Shimmer doesn’t add much to the plot and has no reason to even be there other than telling us that Sunset Shimmer is bad. Which had already become clear from the fact that she’d stolen one of the Elements of Harmony and walked around being a massive jerk to everyone up to that point, it just seemed a little shoe horned in. The other thing I didn’t like is when Sunset Shimmer threatens to smash the portal back to Equestria. I was sitting there thinking “Surely the sledgehammer would just go through the portal, surprising everyone standing on the other side but posing no real threat.”.

This is where the real spoilers will be coming through so you might want to skip to the next paragraph. To give a little context at the end of last series Twilight Sparkle became an Alicorn (a sort of pony buddha from what I’ve seen). By becoming an Alicorn she becomes an Equestrian princess however she hasn’t quite come to terms with this and having lived her life mostly in the background she’s not to confident about her skill as a ruler. When her crown (and Element of Harmony) is stolen and thrown into the alternate world she’s sent in to get it where in order to get it back she has to become princess of the Ball Formal (basically a end of year dance) to get it back. Through the movie she learns to inspire and help people stuff that a ruler needs to know. Which results in the people voting for her as princess meaning that she then feels more comfortable with her role when she returns to Equestria. Meaning that the movie is not just about surviving school as I had previously assumed but instead about coping with changes in your life and knowing that you need to turn to your friends when you need support. It’s a bit sappy I know but c’mon it’s My Little Pony what do you expect.

In terms of writing I’ve got nothing to complain about. It didn’t reach the peak of what I know the franchise is capable of but it wasn’t Canterlot Wedding level of bad. Basically what I’m saying is the movie was as well written as I’ve come to expect from My Little Pony (for those who don’t know that means “pretty damn good”) and you can see the textbook Megan McCarthy/M A Larson writing coming through. The fact that the people responsible for some of my favorite episodes of the show worked on this should have tipped me off to the fact that this movie was going to be good.

As usual Daniel Ingram’s fantastic musical skills made some good numbers my personal favorite being “Equestria Girls” (note I mean the song in the movie and not the advert one that was on the hub last year). However in general the music was good, as I’ve come to expect from this franchise. There’s nothing in there that matches up to “Celestia’s Ballad” or “This Day Aria” but the music was good.

The movie has lot’s of good references however most of these are to the actual show rather than the normal thing of having a scene mirroring Terminator or a companion cube hidden in the shot. These references are more mirroring the events of the series, my favorite being alternate universe Scootaloo doing the chicken dance, but there’s also quite a good reference to the end of “Sleepless in Ponyville” at one bit.

A fun game to play is to try and recognise the humanized versions of characters from the show. The Great and Powerful Trixie makes quite a good appearance but I’m a bit annoyed to announce that there’s no Zecora even in the background.

The only real problem I have with the movie is it’s a bit short. At 1 hour and 9 mins I’d feel a bit cheated if I’d paid to see it. However I will admit that I am likely to buy the DVD when it comes out. It’s international release is November and it’ll be up on Netflix about the same time.

If I had to give it a score I’d say around 7.5 out of 10. Nothing about this movie will set the world on fire but it’s a lot better than a lot of real big budget movies I’ve seen.

And before I leave I’d just like to point out that the continuity is still holding strong even in this movie. The character trait’s that have been built up including those that weren’t there when the show started, the development that’s been made during the run of the show, all still there.

So as AntonyC would say “Pony Show: 2, Simpsons: 0.”


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