Hrudolfensis’ Opinions On: Animal Crossing: New Leaf

I’ve been struggling to write this review. I recorded it on Sunday and was meaning to type it up on Monday. Unfortunatly on Monday I was too busy playing “Animal Crossing: New Leaf”. Same with Tuesday, and Wednesday and it was quite hard to pry myself away to write this now.

That should give you an idea of how good Animal Crossing is. There’s only been 3 games series I’ve ever played this obsessively: “Animal Crossing”, “The Elder Scrolls” and “Pokemon”.

I’ve loved “Animal Crossing” since the start, I had the first one on the gamecube and I played it for hours. Unfortunatly I had school and the such so it was hard for me to play as much of the game as I wanted, I had the same problem with “Wild World” and “Let’s Go To The CIty”. However “New Leaf” has fixed the main problem school and college created. Once you get a Town Development Permit you can bring in ordinances. One of these ordinances is the “Night Owl Ordinance” which means the shops stay open 3 hours later and the villagers stay up 3 hours later. This means that it gets rid of the problem I had of getting home at 4pm doing work and then having 15mins to sell all my stuff before the shops shut at 6pm. This is not a problem for me anymore but I know this will improve the experience of the game for a lot of people.

The house renavation has been upgraded so now you can upgrade your house to have 4 rooms an upstairs and a downstairs and you can renavate the outside of your home meaning the exterior, fence and stone around it. And you can now renavate the town by adding bridges to make it easier to navigate and campsites to bring in tourists.

But possibly the best change they’ve made is that you no longer have to be in your home to save the game. The only repruccusion is that this means I will probably never see Mr Ressetti again.

So that’s basically it for gameplay. There is of course the island but that gets spoken about enough in adverts and I haven’t done much other than catch beetles there.

But now onto the best part of the game. The referances to japanese folklore and the easter eggs.

First of all the referance we all know, Kapp’n. The sailor who takes you to and from the island is a Kappa. For the eight people on the internet who don’t know what a Kappa is, it’s a type of japanese water demon. It looks like a child sized frog-turtle hybrid and has a dip in it’s head filled with water. In legend it drags people underneath water and drowns them, there are two ways to beat it. First you can bow, the kappa being polite will bow back and the water will run out of the dip in it’s head weakening it. Or you can carve a persons name into a cucumber and throw it into the water this will appease the kappa and it’ll leave the person alone for a year. This is referanced in the game where many of the sea shanties Kapp’n sings are about cucumbers and how much he loves to eat them.

The other referance I’ve found is Tom, Tommy and Timmy Nook. They are frequentle mistaken for Racoons. They are actually Tanukis. Tanukis are another japanese mythological creature and are famous for their (I don’t want to say this) massive balls. This means they’re normally mistaken for fertility symbols. They’re actually symbols of wealth so it makes sense for them to be shopkeepers. Also they’re famous for being able to use they’re scrotums as houses and tools. Tom Nook and the Nooklings run stores selling houses and tools. And finally look at Tom Nook, the only peice of clothing that he wears is an apron that covers his front right where his bits would be.

And for easter eggs I’ve only found one and I wont spoil it but I’ll tell you where to look for it. At 3:33am to 3:34am the screen on the tv’s in the game will go to static because of a break in the programming. But try watching the static at 3:33am on Sunday morning.

In conclusion this game is great. It’s addictive, fun and feels very rewarding. It does have some problems, it’s quite slow at the start and without friends who have the game you’ll miss out on a lot of content. But that’s not a deal breaker and I would reccomend this game to anyone.


P.S. This review was going to have a small extra bit at the begining of it but when I did it the two reviews didn’t fit together and I’ve found out that there’s new additions to the story so I’ll put up a special extra review on Saturday at about 3pm.


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