Hrudolfensis’ Opinions On: Civilisation V: Gods & Kings

The steam summer sale started this week so my bank balance has fallen quite dramatically as has my social life and my level of vitamin d. But none of that is important when compared to the greatest thing we get from this yearly event… GAMES!

I’ve brought a huge amount of games, everything from “The Walking Dead” to “Witcher 2” , from Trine to Fallout: New Vegas. And I’ve been playing them alot so it’s only logical that I would review one of them. Then came the struggle of choosing which one to do. Spending a thousand words telling the internet why “The Walking Dead” is good seems like a bit of a waste of time. “Fallout: New Vegas” and “Trine” both seemed a little old and “Witcher 2” just didn’t excite me enough. All hope seemed lost.

But then as I sat awake at midnight watching old episodes of “The Ricky Gervais Show” I decided to try a game I had been nagged into buying. A game I didn’t really want. A game called Civilisation V. My thought process at the time was “I’ll check this out and make sure it wasn’t a complete waste of money.”. I started a new world and started playing, 5 hours later I looked up from the game and realised what time it was. This game is fucking brilliant.

I’ve never really been a fan of the Civilisation games. I tried playin Civ 3 a few years back and just couldn’t get into it. I would start the game and start trying to play, but after a few minutes I would be so confused I wouldn’t know what to do. Civ 5 seems to handle it much better, the advisors explain everything that might confuse you in enough detail to get you to understand it, but not going into so much detail that it becomes annoying. So Civ 5 got over the main thing that was stopping me from playing it. But that just makes it an ok game. It’s the gameplay that makes it a great game.

The gameplay in Civ 5 is so engaging. Like I said, I got so obsessed with it 5 hours passed without me even noticing. I was sitting there sending out scouts to find new civilisations making deals with other cities and working towards crafting my utopian society. The next development being discovered became an exciting thing and it felt so rewarding to be the first civilisation to get to the renaissance era after all the work I had put into getting there.

It’s very hard to explain why the game is so engaging but you do just want to continue to see where you can take your civilisation next. And the amount of thought you end up weighing up options on whether to invade a city or how you want to go about befriending a nation. The game just seems designed to keep you thinking and worrying about what will happen next.

I know that some people may not like it. It’s really for people who like RTS’s although Civilisation is very different from any of those games. You do have to be one of those lunitics like me who can get obsessive over just developing and achieving. If you’re a modern warfare guy you’re not going to like this.

I’m really looking forward to where the game will go from here and according to the friend who forced me to buy the game the whole thing does change towards the end.

Basically what I’m saying is buy this game. It’s only a tenner on steam but I’d recomend getting the gold edition for a fiver more.


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