Bioshock (2007)

Well, I said I would write it, so here I am writing it. My review of Bioshock. Now, I have not yet finished the game, so it’s probably too early to review, but that never stopped me before, did it?

What do I think of the plot? Well, I think it’s a bit all over the place to be honest. One minute you’ve got a plane-crash, the next you’ve got the evil leader of a society using genetics and what appears to be some form of subliminal mind-control to protect themselves from the city they’ve helped to turn to shit. And, if what I’ve read of the upcoming plot is accurate, the good guy being the bad guy being the guy you were told is dead.

To top that off, there’s creepy medical people, hundreds of dangerous slave-like soldiers and little girls with robo-diving suit protectors. All in all, you’ve got the recipe for hell in a fishbowl city…

See? Even Spongebob knows what I mean…

I’ll be honest, I like the plot – it’s all over, but the jumps are more logical and understandable than they appear when I tell you about them. One minute you’re trying to save someone’s life, and the next you’re saving a forest, then you’re taking a photo of some dead guy with a piano. It all makes sense though, and you’re willing to do it.

What about the gameplay? It’s very Deus Ex without the inventory management, very Fallout with less character personality control and very Alone In The Dark, with way more lights on. It combines FPS, with magic-genetics, a little bit of stealth and one-fuck-tonne of a water-based city.  it lets you use the environment to kill the people you need to kill, such as oil catching fire, water being used to electrocute large areas and you being able to hurl objects at enemies which I guess would kill them but I haven’t tried.

So the game dynamic is good, there’s decent graphics, and that’s when you forget that it’s a 6 year old game. It’s decent for today, let alone 6 years ago. The characters are a bit hollow, I think, but I may have just met the wrong ones, and there’s a wide variety of weapons.

I find the weapons modifications to be a bit useless, but i’m still only about 1/3 of the way in, maybe half-way. The constant juggling of abilities annoys me too, but maybe if I get enough slots, I can use all the powers without getting rid of one.

I find the moral choices to be annoying too – save the girls or kill the girls, all the while working out whether I want power or a good ending. Power, all the way, but that means no happy ending. It’s not fair, and I’m sick of it happening in games these days.

So, what do I think overall?

Well, I want to play through to the end, but I also know that I the few issues I see may only become more annoying. It’s a tough trade-off, but for now, I’ll go with the play-on.

Bioshock, don’t let me down.


That Guy : Because Sometimes, You Don’t Need To Know His Name, To Like What He Does…


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