R.I.P Nelson Mandela

Today one of the greatest icons in South African history has left us. Nelson Mandela died today at the age of 95. His importance in ending the cruel and oppressive aparthied regime cannot be understated, Nelson Mandela played a key part in the rebirth of the entire South African nation and for the he was heralded as a national and international icon. It’s odd to think that one of the world’s most charming, kind-hearted men is also one of Africa’s most controversial figures. Lets not forget, Mandela was essentially a terrorist during the aparthied. Granted this was after his attempts at peaceful protest were met with violence by the South African government and Mandela sort of decided to fight fire with fire but it’s still a very strange almost uncomfortable thought. Nevertheless, Mandela was a great man. He encompassed all the things we should strive for as human beings, strength, loyalty, compassion, conviction, kindness the list is endless. So it is with great sadness that all of us here at That GuyThat Reviews Stuff bid farewell to one of the greatest and most important men of modern times. Our thoughts are with his extensive family and, indeed, with the whole of South Africa (who no doubt Mandela would also consider family) at this dark hour.

R.I.P Nelson Mandela




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