Holy Crap I’m back again.

Hello people of the interweb!

I’m back and better than ever which is good because I was never that good.

Basically what happens whenever I disappear for an extended period of time is I kinda regenerate. If you follow Hrudolfensis history it basically goes like this:

War Hrudolfensis- This was the prick-ish one who tried to be satirical and just came across as, well… shit.

2nd Hrudolfensis- This was the ok one who was a brony.

and now…

3rd Hrudolfensis- This is me now! Still a brony, but now. AN ARTIST! And if nobody has mentioned it yet then announcements incoming.

Basically what I suggested in October last year is that I do some art for the website, and I’ll be honest with you… it sort of took a while.

But it’s almost ready now!

So on Saturday 25th I will present for you delectation…


Too be exact:

-Logo concept art

-Characters for the comics

-Um that’s about it…

-Oh yeah banners!

-Oh and we’re going to be doing bi-weekly webcomics illustrated by me and written by me and the rest of the team. Should have mentioned that before.

Yes you heard the list correct we will be doing a bi-weekly comic series soon so… yay!

Peace out Y’all!



One thought on “Holy Crap I’m back again.

  1. P.S. I’m on tumblr now. I will be posting stuff there, mostly art, and I’ll be chatting with pretty much anyone who contacts me and doesn’t call me a shitcunt



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