Hey Jude – The Beatles

Today is sing a long Saturday and what better song to review for sing a long Saturday, than a song no one can help but sing the end of when they hear it? You know the bits I mean…

Hey Jude, written and performed by The Beatles in 1968, to comfort Julian Lennon after his parent’s divorce. Isn’t that lovely? Releasing a song and making a load of money from it, by comforting a 5 year old. Yeah, I checked his age.

Hey Jude has a very reverent sound throughout most of it, which to me, fits the purpose of the song. I suppose its obvious really. Might delete that bit. Might not. We’ll have to see.

The ending is what it’s all about though. We all hear it and we all think ‘yeah, I’ll get a bit of that action’. Its damn near impossible to resist a little ‘nanana-na’ in you life and when you’ve got it laid out for you, you just have to go for it. I know I do.

The ending is a bit long though. 2:30, roughly, according to my available data. Bit long.


That Guy


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