Amended Schedule

Good evening one and all. I have decided upon my new schedule and this time, it’s far more self explanatory. It follows thusly:

> Music Monday – I review a song from the current charts, or selected at random using Spotify. Obviously, I’ll pick a genre, but if I use the radio mode, I should get something completely different each week.

> TV Tuesday – I review a TV show. Not like, an episode, but a whole show, from episode one to as far as they are.

> Winnable Wednesday – Okay, so the name still sucks, but I can’t think of a better one for video game reviews.

> Themed Thursdays – I’ll be continuing my write-ups about my favourite characters of all time. This week, Hans Gruber. Keep an eye out.

> Film Fridays – My weekly day to review films.

> Slack Off Saturday – My day of rest, mostly because this week, I’ll be just outside of London all afternoon.

> Serious Sunday – My weekly opinions piece about something big, important and very serious.

So that’s the plan. I’ve opted for this week being preparatory, but I’ll get Thursdays written and up, then start doing one a day again on Monday.

That Guy


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