That Guy’s Favourite Characters: Part Three

So, it’s part three of my favourite characters series and I’m opting for a villain in today’s write up, written yesterday. The dates are all over the place!

So, this week, it’s Hans Gruber, as played by Alan Rickman in Die Hard. Why do I like him? Why is he one of my favourite characters? What is it with British actors playing bad guys?

Well, I have a theory on all of those. First off, I like him because he is, quite simply, the cleverest idiot criminal genius of the lot. Look at what he does. Commits a high-class robbery (with holding people against their will and, at the very least, manslaughter) then tries to get away with it by committing an act of terrorism. That’s both moronic and genius at the same time. The sway for what we call it depends on whether it was successful and, sadly, it wasn’t. I say sadly… He is the bad guy…

He’s one of my favourite characters because, quite simply, he was probably one of the first villains who I couldn’t really understand. I watched Die Hard at a very young age and at that point, other, more suitable villains, were much more understandable. Captain Hook wanted revenge for his hand and was a metaphor for all that is wrong with adult life. The Wicked Witch of the West wanted her inheritance. Gargamel was just a bit of a dick. Hans, however, didn’t make sense to me and for that reason, I grew fond of him.

As for Brits playing bad guys, it’ll be the voice. Americans LOVE the accent and we love to act. Nothing wrong with that. Feels a little racist though…

So, Hans is on my list of favourite characters. Who’s next, I wonder? Well, here’s a clue, and if you get it right in the comments, then you’ll be entered into our birthday prize draw. Ooooh!

He’s a man of magic and intrigue, who looks a bit like a 30 year old Benny. Good luck.


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