Well, my dear readers – every few days, I, or one of my fellow writers, stumbles across something fantastic, be it a show, film, game, band or even, if you see it that way, a rival review site.

Now, I don’t see this as being a competitive sport where there can be only one site in existence – if that were the case, people like The Escapist or The Nostalgia Critic would have taken us down a LONG time ago. No, instead I see it as a place where we all need to stick together, because these days, any idiot with an opinion thinks he (or she, I’m not sexist) can own a blog and tell the world what they think.

This isn’t true. It takes something very special to be able to share an opinion in this way – in a way which gives it credibility, beyond being the loudest voice in the room.

And on that note, I wish to invite you to check out Anglonerd, a fellow WordPress review site sharing opinions in a well-reasoned and fair way. When I get an hour or two to myself (which might be a while, but will happen at some point), I’ll go through and link a few of the posts on there that I think you’ll particularly appreciate. But, for now, check out Anglonerd, tell ’em what you think and keep on smiling!

That Guy


Additionally, there’s a project that we here at TGTRS are working on which we think might be worth a look if you operate a review blog – nothing solid yet, we’re merely trying to work out how it might, possibly, work, but if you are interested, let us know in the contact form below, and we’ll make sure to contact you when we know what we’re doing.


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