The Fault in our Stars

I went to see this movie only yesterday so it’s fresh in my mind. As always, warning, this review may contain spoilers. I say may because i don’t either try and avoid them or go out of my way to make them. I simply use them as appropriate where i believe my writing demands them. On that note…


The Fault in our stars is a movie about a terminally ill 17 year old girl with cancer. She attends a peer/social/help group and from there it’s classic boy meets girl, boy woe’s girl. The Love story is a fantastic one. I adored the writing in this story based around a book that the girl has read, she convinces the boy to read and they are both annoyed by the fact that it ends in the middle of a sentence, so contact the writer who invites them to Amsterdam to discuss the ending. The book in question is about Cancer and the fact that it ends so abruptly is a brilliant metaphor for the whole movie, and this movie is full of metaphors. In many ways it’s actually quite artistic in style, but lacking the boring grace of an artistic movie.

All actors and actresses in this movie performed well, but Willem Dafoe was most memorable for me. He plays quite a nasty character in this, very much putting across the negative and angry views on Cancer. Despite only having a few minuets on camera, he stole the scenes for me, which as a great actor you would expect, but he could have toned it down a bit, as the movie may circle around his characters book for most of it but it isn’t about him. Unfortunately that is what can happen when you throw a great actor into the mix when he/she is not a staring role.

Despite this little hick-up the movie has a great balance between comedy and tragedy picking you up with happiness and dropping you into despair at all the right moments. There is no obvious emphasis in this movie towards making you smile or cry; it’s just a story, seamless and whole and that makes the movie easy to watch. The other aspect of ease in watching this movie is the direction, choosing to introduce all the scenes of bad news and despair soft and slow. It eases you into the dark times as much as it flings you out of them. Considering most movies of this kind go the other way around, shocking you with terrible circumstances and not caring much for the happy times, this is a refreshing take on the telling of this type of story and one that i rather enjoyed. It allowed me to feel more connected to the characters as you saw them go through the motions and it hooked me into wanting to watch more.

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie and although i didn’t cry, my sister “watered” and i think I’ve ¬†explained the reasoning for my lack of tears, although a two key moments, i was close. The movie was an enchanting watch and the love portrayed is powerful and despite it’s cancerous nature, eternal…

For those who have watched the movie, you know there is no greater praise i can give it than: Okay

For those who haven’t: 8/10

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