Temporary Leave

Well, it’s Sunday. Sunday the 6th July, 2014. Tomorrow, I get shipped off to Liverpool, a place from whence I may never return. I will return, specifically on Friday, which I believe is the 11th? I could look at a calendar, but I just can’t be bothered…

So, whilst I’m in Liverpool, I’m expecting to have minimal internet access – I might get to check my emails each night, but other than that, I’m sort of hoping not to need to look at anything on the net. It’s nice to get away from it sometimes, y’know?

I know there are some of you who will be looking out for a specific post of mine – you know who you are, and you know what the post is. To you, I say that my research in the subject is, as of yet, incomplete, and I wish to look into it more before offering my opinion. I see this as a good thing, and hopefully, you do as well.

I also hope to write a review of some sort today – not sure what on yet – and set it to post whilst I’m away, to give the illusion that I have returned. I will not have. I will still be in Liverpool. Please do not be confused by the phenomenon which is delayed posting.

And for those of you that do, remember this – I AM GOD.

Have a great week, and I’ll catch you all next weekend.

That Guy


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