Four Rooms

I’m a Tarantino fan. I’m also a Tim Roth fan. I also have a bit of a soft-spot for wacky comedies. As such, I sort of had to have a look at this particular film, which I didn’t know existed until it came up as a suggestion on Netflix. Netflix. What would I do without you?

So, Tim Roth stars as Ted, the bellhop, in a hotel on New Years Eve. He’s the only member of staff working that night (for some unknown reason), and the night goes from crazy to down-right insane.

The film is actually split into four sections, one for each of the rooms in which we see guests staying, and where the action of the film actually takes place. The first room is the honeymoon suite, where a coven of witches are staying, hoping to remove a curse from their Goddess. To achieve this, one of them ends up having to seduce Ted, which works, and they remove the curse.

The second room is host to a fantasy hostage situation, in which Ted is being forced to play a fantasy which, we have to assume, the married couple take part in on a regular basis. He eventually manages to get away from this, only for another man to enter the room in his wake and be dragged into the same fantasy.

The third room, which plays out during both of the above, has Ted looking after a couple of kids who manage to get the tv stuck on an adult channel, find a dead hooker under the mattress, set fire to the room and stab Ted with a syringe.

Finally, the fourth room has Ted called upon to remove the little finger of one of the occupants, if he fails to light a lighter ten times in a row, all for the sum of $1000. Needless to say, he agrees, removes the finger and walks off, happy with the result.

Now, having watched the film, I can only say that I think the score it has managed to achieve on Rotten Tomatoes is ridiculously low. Even Roger Ebert, who I normally think of as knowing what he was talking about, only gave it two stars out of five. I strongly disagree with the man.

I will admit, there are sections of the film which could use work – the witches coven was a bit ludicrous, but generally speaking, the film was enjoyable, entertaining and, in my honest opinion, amusing. The plot was, as is a lot of stuff Tarantino has a hand in, non-linear, but that adds to the marvel – I’ve always thought that.

The acting, in most cases, we acceptable. I agree with the award givers, that Madonna was appalling in it, whilst I feel that Antonio Banderas, Quentin Tarantino, Bruce Willis (uncredited), Jessica Beals and Tim Roth were great. There was certainly humour in Roth’s roll, and I felt that the other actors portrayed their characters with ease.

I didn’t notice the soundtrack, as such – I mean, I recall the title music, the end music, and a few transition snippets, but nothing else. It didn’t really stick with me, but as I’ve said before, that’s a good thing. Soundtracks should stay hidden away. They are the special effect you want to be able to ignore.

And so, what score do I give this film? Well, I genuinely enjoyed it. I think it’s been under-appreciated by the reviewing community, for the most part, and that you should all watch this film the next chance you get. I mean it – it’s a film that I genuinely think you’ll kick yourself for having not seen sooner.


That Guy


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