A Little About Me, That Guy

I know that, really, dear reader, you probably have very little interest in my small insignificant life. As far you are concerned, I am just a guy that writes the odd-review and shares his opinions on whatever takes his fancy, much less frequently than he would like to. Of course, that is easily remedied, or, less easily remedied. I could write more often, or better, or both, or even find a way to make you interested in my life.

Of course, I’m lazy, stubborn, and kind of in charge of what you see on here, so I’m going to write a bit about me, regardless of whether you care or not. I’m not going to make you read it, but if you do, then kudos to you for caring about me enough to read it. I will also be recommending my fellow writers do the same, although, with a less jackass start. We can hope, right?

I was born on May 31st, 1994. Today, I am 20 years old, live with my girlfriend, Claudia (who turns 20 tomorrow), and our cat, Mouzer. We’re hoping to move home shortly, so that we can start again at a place suitable for us and our on-it’s way baby. We’re expecting the child to be with us in mid-March (expect another lull in activity around about then, followed by my probably resignation as a result of sleep deprivation, followed by a hasty retraction of the resignation).

In short, my life is sort of all over lately. I’m working Monday to Friday at a haulage company, in their accounts office. It’s work, so I moan about it about as much as you moan about work, or about school, or that bastard that crashed into your car. I know so very little about your lives… Comment with what you moan about. I’ll sympathise. I promise.

I like to write, as you may have discovered from the 400-odd posts I’m done on here, of the 801 posts that are on here as I speak. This is the 801st, by the way, not the 802nd. I wasn’t sure how to phrase it… As well as writing reviews, though, I like to write poetry and novel plans. So far, I’ve 8 novel ideas, a working typewriter and a full waste-paper bin. I’m working on it though. One day, we’ll be advertising a novel on here. I promise. We might even give away a few free copies. You never know…

That’s all about me, now I think about it. I’ve a simple life. To leave, though, I’ll show you this poem I wrote, which I rather like, called “Teeth”.

Vagabond! Rascal!
Scoundrel! Thief!
Which one of you
Has stole my teeth?
Methinks it was
The pretty lass,
And now they’ll bite her,
On the ass!

That Guy


5 thoughts on “A Little About Me, That Guy

  1. Update – this was MY 453rd post, of the 801 posts we’ve done. I think I’ve done awfully well, don’t you?


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