Crysis – An Unusual Form Of Tactics

Crysis is a (very) tactical shooter game developed by Crtek GmbH and released by the infamous Electronic Arts. Conflicting with what EA is most commonly known for, this game is surprisingly well-made, and have a wide variety of features and elements, and is far from incomplete.

Crysis… Maybe you’re a huge fan, maybe this was the first time you heard it. Developed by German software company Crytek GmbH, this futuristic shooter game is sure to leave you amused for days. With its powerful and realistic CryEngine, and the unusual tactical gameplay offered when in possession of a unique type of armoured exoskeleton, the Nanosuit, the game sure deserves a review on this site.

Not just like normal game where a suit of armour offers you protection from bullet rains to a level that is humanly impossible to understand, no, the Nanosuit is much more than that.

The Nanosuit is a highly advanced tactical piece of gear, offering enhanced strength, speed, ability to go invisible for periods of time, and various other special modes, like tagging enemies before a battle to make sure you have the tactical advantage.

Want to kick ass? Crysis' got the gear!

Want to kick ass? Crysis’ got the gear!

With all this power and special modes you probably think “Where’s the catch? Wouldn’t this be really easy?” Well, tell you this, each of the modes, strength, armour, speed, and cloak, all drain your inbuilt power supply. The power regenerates of itself after waiting a couple of seconds, but since enemies will utilize an arsenal of vehicles, grenades, snipers, and even rocket launchers, they will make sure this short couple of seconds waiting for your top-of-the-line combat exoskeleton to regenerate, become the worst 10 seconds of your life, if it even still will be there afterwards.

Therefore, one must time and place out each moment of sneaking through a camp, banging on with maximum armour, and killing enemies with a single hit from the fist, all so you make sure your precious energy don’t drain the very second you were going to do that badass supersoldier move.

They ask if Crysis is easy… Well, it’s only easy when you know how to do it, and to be honest, it takes quite some time to master it.

Now, let’s look at the rest of the game (which is almost as fun as the suit).

Wanna feel badass? Go for it!

Wanna feel badass? Go for it!


In a near future, the North Korean military has overtaken a small set of islands called Ling Shan. The United States and other western nations start to worry about the Korean Overtaking as they discover an enormous heat source, coming from this very set of islands. The US army decide to send a set of special ops, trained for the use of a very unusual type of gear; the Nanosuit. The marines were sent to find and rescue a group of scientists kidnapped and taken to the islands for unknown reasons. The player is put in the shoes, or well, Nanosuit, of a marine by the callsign Nomad. Nomad, together with 4 other spec-ops, land relatively easily on the island by parachute…

They soon come to find out one of them has been killed, and it ain’t beautiful. They start suspecting the Koreans aren’t the only hostiles on this island they have to worry about. They begin to suspect there is something, much worse, hidden deep in the mountain of this tropical paradise…

What the fuck is going on here?!

What the fuck is going on here?!


Well, I don’t want spoil the surprise any more to you. But this is a truly amazing game. Just the way they worked on it… Very unusual for EA games, but this is incredibly well made, and separately from titles like Battlefield, having a Crysis game crash on you is something you should be very unlucky to experience. More than the highly functional system, the incredible CryEngine 2 offers astonishing graphics, an unmatched physics system, and various other things you will come to love about the game. Just the thing that you can pick up a kitchen stove, toss it into a palm tree or a shed, and just watch how it gets torn into pieces, as a loud crash followed with clouds of dust are generated.

Or why not walk into a huge camp, press the dedicated button and begin to alter your weapon in real-time with silencers, scopes, ammo types and other attachments to fit your very situation and method of termination perfectly. Just another demonstration of how incredibly tactical this game is.

As you can see, Crysis have a broad variety of features. Such as picking up objects in your surrounding!

As you can see, Crysis have a broad variety of features. Such as picking up objects in your surrounding!

More than this, the enemy AI system is great. They will work as a team, use grenades to flush you out, and even develop methods of flanking and ambushing you to make sure you have to utilize the suits fullest potential in combat. They develop highly powerful weapons and vehicles, even matching the power of the suit, say, they might even have Nanosuits themselves…

Over-all, Crysis is a great game, and if you want an unusual type of gameplay, with a large implementation of tactical and strategic elements, especially stealth, Crysis is a go for you!

I rate this game 8.5 out of 10.



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