Miss Kitty

Fucking hi!  First post on the site, it’s so exciting!  Hopefully it’ll be somewhat enjoyable.  This poem is a dirty girl, the pov of a prostitute.  Be prepared for all her raunchy thoughts!


Shit, let me take a cigarette to my lips.

So nice and warm, feel the burn.

Aside from drunk stares, I get bitchy glares.

That ho is what she’ll always be.

I’d rather stay the night at a motel in shady light.

You look nice wanna go for a ride, I’ll drive you fast for just a bit of cash.

Try to make it last.

A pretty girl like me doesn’t have much time to spare, too busy running laps.

Hang around a bit and it’ll get more intense, the closer we grow the more I’ll know.

The more I can help you win.

I hope you’ve got enough, better be prepared.

Things skyrocket fast, but it’ll be a blast.

Kiss me more than once and I’ll be sure to appear.

May get a little clingy, but what can you expect from a kitty.





One thought on “Miss Kitty

  1. Finally, another poet! Great poem 😀


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