Separating drug from addiction

Hello! Thought I’d post a poem just so that you could start to get to know me a bit!

I discovered words the way that addicts discover drugs
many get high once or twice in their life and don’t think much about it
until they find themselves in a place where they can make no wrong right
so they remember the sweet numbness of the high,
in a glorified manner they remember how it helped them escape,
desperately searching for a way out they take that pill,
smoke that joint, insert that needle, drink that drink,
pick up that pen.

When they finally get that high,
their missing pieces become a thing of reality
and with enough pills,
enough joints, enough needles, enough shots,
enough words, reality becomes fiction
the world that they create with their drugs become reality,
a reality where nothing matters more than that fix,
that sweet bridge that will lead them to reality.

But they never get that same high again,
the drugs become a necessity for survival,
not a way to escape reality for a little while
for they remember that high and they crave it again,
so the take pill after pill,
joint after joint, needle after needle, shot after shot,
poem after poem, searching for their way back.

Sometimes my words loose their meaning,
I forget what it is that I am preaching
between poem after poem,
they all become the same,
trapped in my addiction it looses its meaning,
what is a poem without a meaning,
what good are words when they are only lies?

I have to remind myself to take breaks
to escape this jaded look on words,
take a step back and let the pen rest
go and live my life again,
remember why I picked up the pen in the first place,
find things that I want to write about,
not just empty words to fill out a poem.


One thought on “Separating drug from addiction

  1. Jeeze, another poet, and this good as well…. now i feel competition 😛

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