Fuckity hi! So I wrote this at the crack of dawn, I suppose I was tired of being fucking labeled as something that wasn’t me! That only happens several times a day, everyday of your life! Now it’s here for your enjoyment!

A lot of people think I’m butch, I can’t understand why.

Always offering some girly lingerie I should try.

While that’s not the case at all I hope you’ll see now.

I just don’t want to be the bitch, that’s his job not mine.

Sure I’ll wear frilly skirts but when it comes time, don’t think you can walk over me.

I’m the one in the driver’s seat, so you better pray for a red light.

I’m very happy with how I am, I won’t ever change nothing and that’s just the plan.

Make it to tight and things will slip through, to not push the pedal is already watching yourself lose.

I’ll give a gasp every little while to get your attention, but don’t think it’s for any pension.


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