People’s ignorance surrounding victim blame

Fuckity hi!  Not a poem, I feel like Jim Carrey playing a serious role! I suppose this is a review on people’s ignorance( A certain literature class I wouldn’t suggest to anyone ever…) With respect to sexual abuse and victim blame. More a rant, but they’re the same thing right? Totally! So let’s begin!

Recently the final class of my term was discussing William Faulkner’s As I Lay Dying. Of course there’s already tons of disconcert on the book having it be the last one before holiday break, and being William Faulkner.  I always being the fantastical enthusiast, came into it super excited being presented with such a challenging book(Especially compared to the others we’d read prior.)! I expected all the usual insults from this group, yuck the south(Where I and my entire family came from, before we recently dispersed among other states.)! So racist, sexist, jesus freaks, any stereotype you could think of came out of their mouths.  I was fine with that since I expected it with the whole of my being.

What I didn’t expect, however was when the discussion about the rape scene came up and the first comment was.  God she’s so stupid, I mean I’m disgusted with how stupid she is. If she’d just been smarter that wouldn’t have happened!  Plenty nods of agreement went around while I sat there with my eyes bulging out of my head, starting to sweat profusely, and my tongue being held by a cat. Thinking what the fuck these people pride themselves in being well let’s see. Equal rights, super progressive, oh and what else? Oh the fuck yeah! Pro rape victim.  Being a victim, I probably got a little emotional over it. You know all was I able to hear was. Well it was the 20s, so what else was supposed to happen(From my dearest extremely biased teacher.); she was just so stupid; she knew it would happen; well it was the 20s women couldn’t exactly just walk away(One of the nicer ones I will admit.), and my favorite! She’ll be fine as long as she uses a hanger.  What a dandy group! I will definitely not be joining you come next term! Not once was there a mention of the man and how he had wronged her, and what a horrible deceitful person he was how it was really his fault. Nope didn’t happen, which really just lit my ass on fire. They did say “he” once though. The conversation changed to I would’ve much rather heard it from the perspective of the guy who sent her to this other horrible, disgusting man. Woah! So fucking awesome!

My education has excelled so much in the short time I’ve been here(Mostly pertaining to the ignorance of my peers.)! I just feel like people get full of themselves and think they know what is ok and what isn’t when really they have no idea. And the sad thing is if I hadn’t been in that class to hear it, had it make me extremely upset and then send out a few nice emails(wink wink). No one would’ve known that it even happened and that it wasn’t OK. Because well, I’m super amazing! But more so because I feel like these people don’t look at the picture hard enough. There isn’t enough sensitivity around sexual abuse and rape. It’s too embarrassing and shameful. The victims’ fault for being too stupid. And you know not doing all those things that you and I do to protect ourselves from that. Of course, when you look at the picture hard enough there’s not much you can do. Hopefully I gathered my thoughts well and this wasn’t scrambled! I’d love to hear that I’m not the only over emotional person in the world involving this subject. Thanks so much for reading!



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