Pop A Cot

Fuckity hi! And Merry Christmas! Here is your poem for the month! It’s not super festive, the holidays never quite get my gears going. Has a few obscure political references. Enjoy and make of it what you will! Hope your holidays are splendid!

Black as night.



Out of sight.

Free from flight, some tea tonight?

I’ll take a spot, but don’t pop a cot.

We’ve got a lot, at the top.

Always made, waiting to be laid.

Right in order, don’t come over the border.

Now we’re in disorder, looking for a converter.

Someone to lead, someone to please.

To make without feed, bribe free.

Take charge, live large.

Walk among the peasants like a king.

Keep the crowds down, keep ’em quiet for now.

We’ve got the time with no reason to rhyme.

Waiting for season, that’s sure enough a reason.

Soon to commit treason.



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