The Apocalypse

Fuckity hi!  This is a poem about the most turbulent year of my life to date.  I went through an abusive relationship, suffered the loss of several loved ones, then tried to cope with it all through drugs, and soft core porn!  The cheeriest thing you’ll read all day!  I hope you enjoy it!

An evil thought.

A damn good plot.

A year to sot.

I stay and rot.

Insufferable loss.

Six times got tossed.

Unbearable tear.

Cold thin air.

Suffocating squeeze.

Drownings a breeze.

Pop out few.

Feel very aloof.

End up jaded.

Becoming derated.

Try on some pretties.

Sell yourself through a lens.

Makes me feel giddy again.

On a truly happy note, I’m finally at a place where I can really look back on this all and accept everything that happened.  Which probably why I was able to write this!



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