Mi Corazón

Fuckity hi!  In admiration of Valentine’s Day I decide to share the thing I love most deeply…  Voodoo doughnuts!  The most fun, best doughnut place ever!  But more specifically, soft, sweet, pretty in pink. Voodoo’s bubble gum doughnut(Which should be called the swollen nipple, but oh well.).  It’s the most amazing doughnut I’ve ever tasted.  Hope you enjoy the poem as much as I enjoy the doughnut!

Found in a hole in a wall known by all.

My severs always have gauges, and tatts to the forehead.

Loud metal is playing, distracting you before hand.

Amazement starts as soon as you enter the door.

Sometimes the line is a block or four.

Once you make it up to the counter.

Elbowing your way through all of the clatter.

You find a carousel over flowing with fried batter.

Flavors from apricot to peanut butter-Oreo.

Dirty bastards and Raspberry Romeos.

All so temping, but one always calls to me.

Luscious, bodacious, slightly promiscuous, pink and delicious.

My tongue will tingle from excitement or an allergic reaction.

Nothing is as good as this interaction.

Most people reach for the Doll or Cock-n-Balls.

That little piece of bubble gum is what I’ve got my eye on.

Even the frosting has a chewy texture.

Crunchy sprinkles make it all the better.

You’re definitely a dream.

Carbs and sugar make life less bleak.

My heart’s for you bubble gum queen.



One thought on “Mi Corazón

  1. You’ll never believe it but my college decided to publish this poem in this year’s book of student work! Haha, never give up on your bubblegum dreams!


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