Fuckity fucking hi! This poem was such an asshole in every way possible! It came to me late, it’s all touchy, other weirdness, it deleted itself(ok I did that, but it was an accident!), it’s actually two poems on the same topic just written a few months apart, and barf. I hope your month was great and you enjoy this poem!

Weighted like fog,
feeling gray like a bog.

Suppressing guilt,
to pull through pleasures.

Tossing out moral measures,
not for the better.

Just a few quick minutes of fun,
this run won’t last long.

Don’t fret,
I’m not a threat.

Just a dream he was chasing,
one he thought was long gone.

But I’ve come,
I’ve solved him.

I blew away his bonds.

I cover his problems like fog,
then he’s less tense in the bog.


He’s the one in distress,
causing unrest.

He’s tinged green,
and it’s pushing away his dream.

He’s causing resistance,
and its settling on me.

Creating tension,
where there need not be.

This ones not a threat,
don’t fret.

Have no fear,
let go my dear.

I’m here,
to free you.

This interaction was always meant,
as a distraction.




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