Dear Mother

Fuckity hi!  This poem is about my lovely mother.  I wish I could’ve waited until to May to post it but I didn’t do anything all of April!  And April is almost over so we’re more than close enough.  This poem is dark and very self explanatory, not a super recent write but the feelings in it are still accurate.  I hope you enjoy it!

The traits I’ve gotten from you I hate

The only thing you’ve really done for me is show me what not to be

A shut off from your children who leaves at any hour

Lies about returning in consistent pattern

Who disrespects their wishes aimlessly

Treating them like a piece of property

Who doesn’t scold or reinforce rules properly

You don’t own up to anything just bow your head try to make another


Take the blame so you look grand instead

The mother with the troubled children you simply can’t tend

I know you’re mental you’ve proven it seven times over

And yet you still leave your life in disorder

You’re pathetic and I’ve come to hate you over the past five hundred and twenty weeks

I can’t be around you longer than a few days

You put me on edge with your atrocious ways

I’ve forgiven you many times but you always prove that useless

You are just a bitch that’s ruthless

You isolated me as a child and made me so alone

When I finally reached out to you, you tore me from my bone

You told me was I was shit that life was done

At least I’m not you trying to hold on to something that’s gone



2 thoughts on “Dear Mother

  1. You had me at “fuckity hi”


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