Fuckity hi!  Sorry it’s been so desperately long!  There was this bitch, you probably know her.  Life?  Yeah she fucking caught up with me, in a good sort of way though. To make up for being absolutely horrible(and I really do feel quite horrible.) you get four shorter poems!  All jammed together with no correlation between each other at all, except for the fact that they were written by yours truly!  I swear to god I’ve lost my mind, I hope you enjoy witnessing my downward spiral!


A kiss here

A dab there

That’s perfume so light and queer

Fills the room like a gigantic balloon

Will make you suffocate with a single tear

But have no fear you know that mother is near


You’re to much like him.

You’ll hurt me like he did, and you’ll do it on a whim.

You’ll whine and lie like a fat piece of swine.

You’ll hurt me like him, then I’ll cry and turn back to Vicodin.

Because I let it happen again.

You’ll do it without a care flip a hand in the air, and I’ll be alone with only the pill.

I know you’ll do it, you’ll hurt me the same.

Use me for your pleasures without any measures.

You’ll hurt me like him.


Fingers are nimble and quick through the ringer.

Useful little bastards we sometimes let linger.

I feel we’re quite fond of them, they’ve done so much good.

Especially with a brain not made out of wood.


See Jane run, run farther than ever.

Exercise will make her thin, the flatter the better.

Xiphiod is how they describe it to the little ones.

I never inquired, but all things tend to expire.

Some acts become second nature even when they’re devoid.

Ideas are planted from day one, we’re treated like toys.

To give away your body is to show love.

Lust isn’t talked about even though it’s know.

Only truth in the world is that people are cold to the bone.

Vacancy should be expected during the aftermath.

Everyone prepares you, except for that little fact.

Thanks and congrats if you made it through!



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