Museum Of Simulation Technology

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Things We Want To See More Of: Community Based Building Games

Okay, so, let’s start off with one of the things that I especially want to see more of – truth be told, I’ve not spoken to the others. The “we” is more that the list is our list of things, but each thing on it may be something that just the writer wants to see… So, when Benny writes something about wanting to see more of Piers, be aware that he is alone in this.

Before I make the “continue reading” section, I’ll explain what I mean by “community based building games”. Full explanation below, but, in short, it would be a multi player game where you build not only your settlement, but everything to do with the community which inhabits it is created by the gamer/s, and everyone fills a role inside that community.

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Destiny (Xbox 360)

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening or good night, depending on who and where you are. This is my first review of 2015 (woooo!) and probably my most “current” review in a long, long time. Like a lot of people, I picked up Destiny over the Christmas period and have played it almost non-stop since. Well, I’ve worked too, and spent time with my pregnant girlfriend, and stuff like that, but Destiny has been my biggest pastime since getting it. But what do I think of Destiny? Well, let’s read on and find out!

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Drawmer201’s Top Three Favorite Youtube Channels.

Like most people I go on the internet to either listen to music, watch sports, funny videos, vlogs, and/or to watch video game. Youtube being a major website with millions of viewers going on almost every day, I check the following the three Youtube Channels: VanossGaming, Tomska, and FilmCow.

1) VanossGaming

Vanoss     This is the icon for VanossGaming and his material is playing with his friends in various video games. Like Call of Duty, Garry’s Mod, Grand Theft Auto, and a few more one video games. He mainly just records the funny and great moments he has with his friends, adding in appropriate audio, music, and other sound effects that adds to his humor. The only minor problem with his channel is that he doesn’t post as often as most other channels. But I think that adds to the desire to watch his videos!
Rating: 9/10


2) Tomska

Tomska    This is Tomska (Thomas Ridgewell) a online British comedian who uses his youtube channel to make hilarious videos with him and his friends.  You may have heard of ASDF, well the brains behind those videos comes from Tomska’s team and is posted on his channel. He also creates original skits and sketches that are a great time. Unfortunately, he rarely posts any videos. I personally think it’s because he needs money to come up with the visual effects that he uses to make his spectacular videos. But I could be wrong.
Rating: 8/10

3) FilmCow
FilmCow    This is FilmCow’s logo, who goes by the username as SecretAgentBob. He comes up with a lot of odd and funny videos that could usually leave you confused and or disturbed. But! Usually they are all funny and can make almost anyone laugh. You have probably heard of Llamas with Hats or Charlie the Unicorn, these videos originated from FilmCow’s channel! WHO KNEW!? Well the only thing I have against his channel is that again he doesn’t post that often and sometimes his videos are dragged out a little longer then they should be, but at most times his videos make people laugh!
Ratin: 7/10


Saints Row: The Third

Okay, so, technically, I’ve started writing this 10 minutes after the latest it should have been posted, but seeing as I’m the only one of the three of us to have agreed to a post a week that has actually written anything, I think I deserve a bit of slack. That said, here’s my review of Saints Row: The Third. Enjoy.

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