Spectre (2015)

Hello everyone. I’m ba… you know I’ve done to many of these…. Not reviews, obviously but i’m back speeches so fuck it! I’m here now, and isn’t that what matters, right?…. So anyway, back onto my usual style. A totally pointless and unrelated rant as an intro followed by a review, but no hollow promises this time! I realize that i am reliably unreliable so, i won’t be makeing any promises of future reviews or schedules, of any sort, at all. In fact i may fuck off again after this, and it’s not because i don’t want to review but because i’m so busy living (read my team bio) that this sometimes gets sidelined; sorry x Continue reading “Spectre (2015)”


New years resolution

Just because i didn’t say it before at the traditionally appropriate time, Happy new year everyone. Though if you count the whole year as the new year then there’s no problem and if time is an illusion then is there a year and if there is, when is it new?…. These are good questions for people far more clever than me, i’ll just stick to a well reasoned opinion….. There more fun anyway. Continue reading “New years resolution”